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  1. With the tragic events of yesterdays results now well and truly sunk in and many questioning their faith I thought some reflection and confessions might be in order. I get on demonland to connect with fellow sufferers/supporters because quite frankly I don't have too many demon supporting friends. Thats just how it is. grew up that way, went to school that way and its still that way. But you know what, this team got in my blood, got in my soul and became a part of me I can't let go. So I don't care where we are. Im a demon through and through and I believe you guys and girls are too. In the hope that we can all get to know each other a little better and perhaps even get along better I suggest the following for anyone who is game. What I would like to know is the following. 1. How did you start following the Demons? 2. Who was your very first favourite player and why? 3. Best moment as a fan? 4. Worst moment as a fan? 5. Anything else you would like to share? Okay lets see what you got.
  2. The Hulk put out this tweet earlier: Anyone up for a kick in the park tomorrow? Thinking Yarra Park at 5.30. @jackviney7 surely you’re in? Viney responded: I'm keen! Would be great to get some more numbers there. Come down and get around it. See you then big fella Tons of supporters/followers are getting on board. Doesn't seem official, but either way it's a good idea from our players to build a bit of excitement around the club. Or maybe it was the clubs idea and got the players to orchestrate it on social media... https://twitter.com/jesseBhogan/status/664365971738529792 https://twitter.com/jackviney7/status/664377382871023616
  3. I've noticed that when the team run through the banner onto the MCG for each game, Jack Watts inevitably is accompanied by a young child. I don't see other players doing this. Is this something specifically that Jack Watts organises? Or is it a club thing which enables kids to choose any player they want but they always choose Jack Watts? If it's the latter, it shows the popularity of Watts. Does anyone know the backstory?
  4. RIP Robbie..... ...........as a mid-forty something lifelong Demons supporter I had pleasure of being spellbound by 'Robbie's' genius as a pre-adult in what were arguably, in my living memory anyway, the most uncompetitive years of the MFC. During this time I had the pleasure, on a dozen or so occasions of seeing the 'maestro' play live, including the entire 1987 finals series.....the other performances were sometimes relayed on the radio (MFC....not very often), or in the papers.....not usually 'Back Page Stuff' though......but the odd bit got in there! But this thread is not about what I witnessed and experienced when it comes to Robbie Flower.......it's about making sure his contribution to the game of Australian Football, the VFL and the Melbourne Football Club (and Melbourne Cricket Club even though I don't think they were affiliated with the MFC at the time) is recognised in perpetuity!! Now........this week we have experience another modern football phenomenon, 'The Draft Combine' and the beginnings of the toing's and froing's of another trade period. But. in a quiet moment this afternoon I pondered how OUR Robbie would have stacked up in such a clinical, regimented, cut-throat, measured and forceful environment? How would he have done in the 20 sprint repeat sprint 3km time trial standing jump agility test Nathan Buckley Kick Test and all the other 'measurements' that are supposed to help separate the 'want-to-be's' from the 'genuine articles'. Personally I think it would have been a monumental achievement for Robbie if he had even been invited to attend in the first place, and that makes me think of the loss to our game if such a genius was overlooked and NEVER had the opportunity to show, or express, his skills and intricate understanding of our great game. Yesterday I listened to many stories and anecdotes on SEN about our lost champion and my mind has 'stuck fast' to the verse of this Ode to Robbie Flower suggesting the 'Member's Wing' take on his name.(http://www.sen.com.au/audio look for the Ode to Robbie Flower). Robbie was more than just a great player, he was a genuine leader of men..........Let's face it anyone who is selected Captain of their state team for the annual 'State of Origin', while their own team is on the bottom of the ladder has something beyond physical ability that others respect and admire greatly. SO, let's make sure his legacy is not just confined to the MFC annuls and is a part of the AFL/MFC forever by SUPPORTING THE IDEA of THE ROBBIE FLOWER MEMBERS WING. I don't know where else to start this 'push' but I am sure many on here have the connections to make it happen. Go Dees.
  5. G'day again all, To all who attended the QB match, how many of you noticed the advertisement to "checked in" to the MCG via Facebook as they strive to make it "the most checked in stadium in the world"? I for one didn't do it, as I asked what is their true goal? and what happens if they achieve this? I can only presume it will help make an excuse to maintain or again further increase ticketing and vendor pricing. Maybe it's just the devils advocate within me, but surely there must be more to it than being able to say "Hey.... we have the most checked in stadium in the world.... isn't that just swell!" So please, tell me your thoughts and if you noticed it or checked in. Cheers!
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