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  1. What is LJ’s contract situation? Is he due to resign at years end?
  2. Thanks that is interesting. For a big match where you have 75,000 there is massive cross over of people outside the ground before they enter and then sit cheek by jowl, and scream and yell! Thank God for that zoning.
  3. Not just poor form and a cost cutting exercise by the MCC operators but it defies logic to me anyway. What is the point of the 75% COVID crowd limit if you squeeze everyone into 75% or less of the seating? What is the difference then between 75 and 100% from a health risk point of view?
  4. Gee those coach’s votes are interesting. Tracc was good but didn’t think both coaches would give 5. And I presume only one coach appreciated Lever’s efforts. I thought both coach’s would have worked out that Lever stuffed up numerous Geelong attacks by intercepting marks, by just being in the way, forcing cats to kick sideways and then there was his intercept of the cats guys streaming toward him. Gee it is interesting that your own coach didn’t rate Lever higher up the tree. Like mids are going to get 25 to 30 on a usual day so they always get the media votes but I thought Coaches might see t
  5. No she won’t be swinging left. I used the wrong term, not politics, more her economic thinking is conservative, tends to parrot the usual Business Council propaganda as I remember some of her comments.
  6. At least Swooper worked out the Lever stuffed up numerous Cat forward entries and gave him recognition. Numerous times the cats got the ball on the rebound but found they had no targets, they could only see Lever and when they took him on they lost every time. Great game by Lever.
  7. Basically we need a replacement for May. That would be Petty for me. Then the Jordan, Swallow and Jetta positions are all up for grabs but do we have suitable replacements? Not convinced. And would love one of our big forwards to come in but don’t believe they are ready yet. Weid didn’t get a kick and BB only played a half in a practice match.
  8. I know her from ABC TV Breakfast appearances, don’t always agree with her politics but she is very competent.
  9. I am reminded of Steven King’s wild boot swing at a loose ball back in 2005?, you know the boot that rearranged Jeff White’s face and he needed substantial facial reconstruction. That was deemed accidental, could happen to anyone! Well we all know it was reckless, high contact and severe impact and should have incurred several weeks suspension. Now we have Hawkins who does dish out a lot of damage because he is so big and strong. I would like the AFL to at least have a good look at this one. Throwing your arms around indiscriminately doesn’t mean you aren’t responsible for the outcome of your
  10. 6 Lever 5 Petracca 4 Gawn 3 Fritsch 2 Langdon 1 Oliver
  11. Loved the holding the ball against Oliver in that quarter. It followed about 6 tackles on Geelong players in the same passage of play which were all called a ball up.
  12. That last tackle on Isaac Smith in our goal square, a case in point. No prior but he was also making no attempt to release the ball and we know why. That is often a free.
  13. Yes they made a quick diagnosis so it’s not concussion or something they can stitch up.
  14. What the hell is he going on about? Cats gifted their last goal by the umps and he has been getting his usual head ducking frees.
  15. Are we watching the same game? Yes there are errors but look at the frenetic pace and intensity of the game.
  16. This is some game, surely it can’t keep being played at this frenetic pace in the second half. Port should be 5 goals up but for poor set shot kicking. Richmond is living off intercepts and running the ball all the way to the goal square thus their accuracy that is keeping them in the game. Second half will be interesting.
  17. Not a great result really, if we are a serious threat and the jury is out, we want the top sides losing.
  18. It does not get any more obvious and all 3 umps would have seen it clearly and decided to ignore the rule book. Expecting a response from the AFL on that one.
  19. Yes but the gates will be closed. Just joking but it would not surprise me this year. Members/fans have been treated like [censored].
  20. Strewth do Casey ever play away? Would have gladly travelled to Willy.
  21. And historically Geelong loses the next week after they beat the Hawks. If we show to play this week we can win.
  22. Anyone else having issues with ticketing? I am second priority with a level 1 reserved seat and was slow to log in this evening but have been in about 5 times and choose a seat area but can get no further, as in I get no actual seat and option buttons to move on. I doubt everything is sold in our reserved area yet?
  23. Yes all those and then thinking about the recent Rod Owen story, we recruited him in 1991 but shopped him off to the Bears in 92. Why did we do that, oh yeah think 1991 and we discovered Jakovitch with 70 plus goals in 12 games, we already had Bennett and Lyon and then a young Schwartz appeared on the scene. Talk about forward talent.
  24. Might be like Howe, a coffee with Bucks and there you go it’s a done deal.
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