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  1. And I would assign Spargo to CDaniel to chase, tackle and harass at every opportunity to stop his drive out of their backline.
  2. Good wing players or whingers? It took me 5 autocorrect attempts to actually write whingers! I hope we get the same umpires who officiated our Preliminary Final, they were very good and if they keep to their minimalist approach we can break even on frees I hope. Although Weightman is working at a different level, ducking at the first hint of contact. I wonder if a Sheedy type coach would be discussing it at every opportunity in the next fortnight, you know waxing hypothetically that they hope the umpires aren’t drawn into the same errors we saw vs the Bombers. You know no accusations just putting it out there. Hoping the umpires actually start to think twice before they see some blonde hair vibrate and assume an illegal tackle.
  3. 6 Gawn 5 Viney 4 Petracca 3 Salem 2 Oliver 1 Kossie
  4. Thought the umpiring was exceptional tonight, hardly noticed them which usually they did a great job.
  5. CH7 News saying someone is injured from today’s training session, more detail to come in their sports report😡??? False alarm, 7 with a long range camera lens picked up ANB with a strapped calf walking to or from the training session today! This will go on all week I suppose.
  6. I assume you are taking the pizz! Handball was to the vicinity of a team member near the boundary not deep in defence but around the wing, appalling decision. And McCluggage was it fell back on top of the ball he did not drag it back in.
  7. I believe we can cover the Cats players, it’s the guys in yellow that really me on tonight’s performance. Not totally sure we can cover all of them.
  8. Umpires still at it with 30 seconds to go, Henry grabs ball, dodges first tackler only to get wrapped up without disposing of the ball. Holding the ball? No umpire says he was wrapped up with no prior. Give me a break.
  9. Everytime the Giants have looked dangerous the umpires have found someway to award Geelong a free. In the last it’s become farcical.
  10. 6 Gawn 5 Petracca 4 Oliver 3 Fritsch 2 Viney 1 Brayshaw
  11. Happier if Petracca’s DE% was closer to 80 than 50, we would be 2 goals further ahead! For a guy with his talent I find some of his disposals puzzling. Those 2 running shots at goal should be absolute gimmes.
  12. If that chaos ground ball [censored] continues Cameron will kick 7! Not sure why we are fumbling in those 50/50 forward pinballs by them?
  13. I see him down at Lorne regularly so assumed his primary residence would be down there with a city residence while working and commentating. I can’t get to my place on the Surf Coast but he can get to a place in Gippsland! Anyway interesting if any questions are asked.
  14. 6 Gawn 5 Oliver 4 Lever 3 Salem 2 Viney 1 Kossie
  15. Amazing how you can get a goal if you finally get a free! FFS
  16. Remind me again why we didn’t draft Wines! Unbelievably bad decision at the time.
  17. As an aside have I missed something? I only found out today that we had a scratch match last week from my wife, a Hawks supporter when she received a full match rundown from the Hawthorn Club site! Nothing from our club site! Been very poor on Comms this year I think.
  18. This guy could be anything but I won’t be happy until we extend his contract. I think he is only signed till end of next season?
  19. Petty could go forward next year, if Tommo comes back fully fit. If we still have Weideman I would also trial him down back for a year if there is a position vacant.
  20. Should get a look in for AA forward posy but the selectors often fill half the forward line with midfielders.
  21. Great wrap up. Interested in the wingman in this game. Did Langdon actually play on Seedsman, that is on the same wing? Not that wingman should play defensive. The commentators were speculating for the first 3 quarters and a bit, wondering why the game was played exclusively along the southern wing. So Langdon was in the mix all day and played well but alternatively that was one reason why Gus had stuff all possessions for most of the game, yet we had many posters wondering what use is Gus. If the ball is elsewhere, what can you do, if you follow the game plan of course. interesting observation from the commentators because when I used to sit in my reserved seat in the Northern Stand, I am sure 90% of the game was played on the opposite wing!
  22. 6 Fritsch 5 Gawn 4 Petracca 3 Jackson 2 Salem 1 Langdon
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