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  1. Hassa Mann was my absolute favourite player as a young boy. A true champion and a star of the game . Had his number 29 proudly emblazoned on my duffle coat. Totally devastated when he went back west. Reluctantly, but ultimately happily, I asked my mum to turn the nine upside down to become a six following another hero in the high flying Greg Parke. Great memories.
  2. Jackson hasn't given a yelp for a long time. ATM Weideman can easily play his role nad kick goals. Weideman would also be an option if Brown off his game. Jackson can't.
  3. In: Harmes, Weideman, Melksham Out: Viney (won't happen what a statement), Jackson , Jordon (needs a rest).
  4. I swung by for a brief time late Monday morning. Only a handful still there.Gawn, Brayshaw, Hannan, C Wagner and Chandler completing some fairly serious repetive 100m run thoughs. Bennell was basically alone but fortifying to see him really striding out along the wing with numerous repeat efforts followed by multiple raking 50+ metre drop punts to one of the fitness staff. All class.One can live in hope!
  5. I was only at training for 45 minutes or so but Brayshaw was most definitely in the main group and fully involved. Suspect Smith was also.Barring unforeseen mishaps Gawn, Tmac & May almost certain starters for the Hawthorn game going by the banter in the rehab group. AVB no show. Petty is a worry.
  6. Is there any possibility whatsoever that club can give us an update on KK? I understand that unfortunately it's pretty much a lost cause but reports on Smith and May recently were prompt and detailed. I think it has nearly been 6 weeks since he's been on the track. Would be good to know.
  7. Calf strain just before our training commenced in November.
  8. Here's my two bob's worth FWIW: *On my way to training rode past Tomlinson, Bennell and Baker jogging the tan. All moving freely and looked in good spirits. *Took note of the rehab group mainly. VDB & Petty started there but soon joined tha main group. Fingers crossed for VDB. He is ripped! *Hannan looks a fair way off. *Really hoping KK comes on. Not sure he is in rehab for concussion but , to me, looks detached from the group. May well just be his demeanour but all those around him totally foccused. Hope I'm off the mark. *Having said all that, Jones cuts a frustrated figure. Not exactly sure of the problem? *Rivers is a specimen. Tall mid, oozes confidence as has a body ready to go. *Never seen Jetta fitter. *Tomlinson would have to be the tallest and bulkiest og wingmen! *Absolutely trying to be realistic but this is a massive group in main training. Only one not on the park at all was Spargo, I think.
  9. Thanks. Wouldn't be surprised at all if there is an announcement soon. Hope I'm wrong.
  10. I was standing no more than 5 metres from Clarry after he came off and he was clearly in discomfort favouring his left arm. Having said that, he was in good spirits and heard him say to KK that it was only a 'stinger'. One can only hope. Would say that the training thus far has been as tough, long and brutal as anything I've seen.
  11. Can't recall seeing joel Smith either but good be mistaken.
  12. Stayed up untill the time trial. Weideman, Petty, Bradtke and Josh Wagner only ones in rehab group. AVB and KK in full participation. Tomlinson was there only as a spectator. Presume it;s due to the fact he played in the GF, longer break etc. Unfortunately Charlie Spargo on crutches and in a moon boot. Not sure that Jetta and Viney participated in the time trial. Could not sight either Baker or Hannan. Easily the biggest group I've seen for some time in the main group. Encouraging.
  13. Apparently reported in the NT News.
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