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  1. Exactly. If they played the finals series tomorrow we would be undefeated against any teams left. I k ow it hurts losing to teams like pies and crows but as long as we don't have to play them in September (tongue firmly in cheek) we should be right
  2. Last week I had the pichana on the coals and was smoking a padron, someone said "no wonder they think we are snobs" hahaha classic I'd describe myself as a country bogan who gets paid too much if that helps
  3. I'm up here on the border so might be able to chase some up
  4. It's a rack of cape grim beef short ribs. I believe they are grass fed Angus from Tassie but happy to be corrected. They may not be the most expensive but I find them the best value for money. A bit like Geelong, never really won any awards but rarely bottom out. IVe never tried tri-tip, beef ribs have always been my go to they are pretty much [censored] proof (lucky for me) but the rump cap I done last weekend may have taken the cake it was ridiculously good.
  5. Yeah that's exactly what I meant, not off topic at all For what it's worth the bbq forums are sick of me talking [censored] about the dee's
  6. Couldn't agree more. We come out and racked up wins without either of them, why change a winning formula.
  7. Apologies to any vegetarian demons (and also slightly off topic) but this was too good not to share.
  8. Well this is a family forum after all. Let's just say Mrs Josh wasn't the least bit interested in hard ball gets.... Happy for me to sit on the bench ??‍♂️ Ah well, of to the cave for a jolly good... Rib smoking.
  9. I've got some beef ribs going on the smoker so it's an early start for me. But if the kids stay asleep long enough I might have to see what Mrs Josh is up to first ???
  10. Can't win'em all Is that three?
  11. Good friend of mine played at Milawa... Carl Groth, I believe he took you guys to a flag a few years ago
  12. I'd be more worries about what he's bringing from Wang
  13. I love 500ml cans, prefer Stella but can't get on my small town.
  14. Yeah I guess that's fair... Not really helping the progression of stereotypes
  15. Got a 1.2kg picanha and farofa, a 1964 padron and a fridge full of Heineken cans... Time for a good day lads and ladies let's kick em while they are down, that's what they done to us, they all did.
  16. Still no Gawny n Gus podcast (I'm at home with a bung back not much else to do) They normally record early in the week. I recall one episode a few months ago they spoke about a resigning and had to delay the release of the podcast (Benny Gibson even said "we'll have to delay this now") You might be on the money. A convenient "getting to know" video released a day or so ago too... ?
  17. That's fair as well. In my opinion though he's close be clicking, of course I could be wrong. I can remember Hawkins being similarly getting game on potential at the beginning of his career and it just grew. Edit: Just checked those comparisons for same age, Hawkins in front in all categories, maybe I do have red and blue tinted glasses on ??‍♂️
  18. He's so close, just smash anyone in your way, no matter what color jumper they are wearing, they'll learn
  19. Hahaha. I've never met the guy but I'd he's anything like his cousin (which he certainly shares the same... Lethargicness(?)) Then he'd be a ripper bloke. Can't see it being otherwise.
  20. We are family friends with Jonothan Browns uncle (He and his partner live in Wodonga actually Dazzle) and the story goes he had a Collingwood contract worth massive dollars in front of him with pen in hand but couldn't stop thinking about what his grandfather would say. Little bit of research shows his father played for Fitzroy (and also captained st pats on ballarat, stick to the green white and blue) but couldn't find much information on his grandfather, but I could have my wires crossed. Next time I talk to dad (which is where the family friend connection is) I'll ask. Edit: Spoke to Dad, said it's his cousin not uncle... But some relation. And said he had Eddie at one shoulder and Malthouse at the other with pen in hand. Quote goes "If you knew the dollar amount that was written on that contract I didn't sign you'd slap me, but I just couldn't get the picture of dad in a Fitzroy jumper out of my head" I seem to recall Collingwood very into Nick Reiwoldt as well so maybe around the same time?
  21. Very much agree with this, especially coming out of defence. I think it's nearly impossible to avoid Lever and May back there the way everyone roles up, the ground line of defense is a zone defence slowing those two to switch loose behind the ball as needed. If I were Brisbane I'd be shutting down the distributor's. If the can keep the ball out of Salem, Rivers and even Melksham's hands and force Lever, Hibberd and Hunt to kick, especially under pressure, that's where we look vulnerable... IMHO
  22. Wow there is so much pain in those words
  23. Isn't QLD, especially south east QLD just retired Victorian's?
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