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  1. Not much to add to the Harmes and Viney thread, other than they left Fritch out. Someone needs too explain to Viney, you must move the ball forward at all costs. Don't grab it and put it under your arms and expect that you will not be tackled. Fritch, really needs to run to the ball our ball carriers. Just some simple skill and technical ideas.
  2. I think that Sam is confused with his game and as a consquence is not playing instinctive football.
  3. How did the girls go? I believe they played before the boys.
  4. I agree that this article should be kept in perpetuity as the first page of the Demonland website. Demonstone, clearly, "you have the wisdom of ages". Well done and thankyou!
  5. I must admit that I am mystified that are rucks are so dominant and our do not take advantage at nearly every stoppage. I agree give it to Spargo and Jordan both can deliver the ball to a player on the lead. ANB is a good toiler however his delivery into the 50 is suspect and so has Jones. I think strategy and game plan will adapt with the new rule. I think every coach is still trying to identify how to safely get the ball out into the open. Richmond does it best at present. In a congested situation, it is clear that the players have been drilled to always hand ball forward no matter what. You can see this in how they nearly always have a minimum linkage of two to three players that run forward almost immediately. Lets watch and see how next week unfolds.
  6. I hope this not going to go on for the whole season. Seriously! Throw away lines from the media and people with self interest is one thing but the minute by minute, week on week, month on month and year on year assassination of our players is poor commentary and unhealthy.
  7. I still think the defence needs another tall. Meg Downie will be welcomed into this side in a couple of weeks. Maddie Gay is back next week. Well done ladies!
  8. Can we stop being soothsayers of doom. I have been tired of all the negative speak. Personally I have no problem with Simons coaching. There is no point in consistently talking down our people who are doing the best they can with the skills available in the playing group.
  9. I think Jackson may have something to say about this.
  10. Mahoney's professionalism through some of the worst periods of the MFC history has been outstanding. He and the recruiting team have been ahead of the game when it comes to obtaining the best possible draft position each year. He and his team have not gone about drafting the best available. They have chosen the best available for the Melbourne Football Club and the team. I believe he will be missed. Essendon have gained a very good strategist.
  11. I spent a week at Bleasdale one afternoon. We were asked to help ourselves. The result was not pretty. Great wine though, I still buy there Malbec.
  12. I am confused. Is this a thread for "trolls". Most of these comments are straight from the "Trump" twitter play book.
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