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  1. Can we stop being soothsayers of doom. I have been tired of all the negative speak. Personally I have no problem with Simons coaching. There is no point in consistently talking down our people who are doing the best they can with the skills available in the playing group.
  2. I think Jackson may have something to say about this.
  3. Mahoney's professionalism through some of the worst periods of the MFC history has been outstanding. He and the recruiting team have been ahead of the game when it comes to obtaining the best possible draft position each year. He and his team have not gone about drafting the best available. They have chosen the best available for the Melbourne Football Club and the team. I believe he will be missed. Essendon have gained a very good strategist.
  4. I spent a week at Bleasdale one afternoon. We were asked to help ourselves. The result was not pretty. Great wine though, I still buy there Malbec.
  5. I am confused. Is this a thread for "trolls". Most of these comments are straight from the "Trump" twitter play book.
  6. Has been played out of position for a number of years. Leave him at half forward and replace Melksham.
  7. Decided I would have a Scotch before the last quarter and went to bed. Not much change from the Bullies game; other than they played more man on man football to stop the Saints run. This is why the Saints were held up so often in their attempt to move the ball quickly. Smashed in the centre again. Nothing new in that space. I would simply say to Gawn don't bother jumping mate and be the additional ground ball player. The midfield group have very little ability to move/release the ball to another player with and prefer to try and barge through (Viney) when it is in their best interes
  8. I went to the game last week. One of the floors to our set up once the we had kicked a behind (our own) was that the team or coaching panel could not stop the opposition full back from pin pointing a pass into the pocket to a loose doggies player. Who would then pass it on to another doggies player and then they were out. Sitting in the stands it was so obvious and yet rather than man up in forward line so as to stop this transition, they were happy to let it go and each time this was an easy exit with at least three goals coming from this play. It was horrible to watch. I am pretty sure the f
  9. In my living memory the number 2 was the best player in the VFL. My friends and I (who all followed other teams) would go only to watch the number 2. His quickness of mind, body and skills were something to behold. I went to a game and watched Steve Smith kick out, after a behind was scored 17 times to a contest on the wing, and the number 2 would either mark it or bring it to ground and still be able to win the contest. His freaky ability to run towards a marking contest and then turn to face the ball and leap, vertically, in-front of the opposition just as the ball arrived is a skill that I
  10. No amount of media, supporter and internal berating will help this team. From everything we know the players have trained and have demonstrate the skills required on the training track. They simply are not able to transfer the basic's from the training track to an actual game. The very basic skills, pick the ball up rather than fumble all the time, hand ball to player on the run or more than 3 meters away, shepherd the player that is over the ball, rather than try and grab it out of his hands and kick the ball to a leading player. These are the very basic skills that this team canno
  11. Kicking to position or advantage. There has been so much written about this skill or lack of skill. The game on Sunday and the previous loss kicks from the midfield or back line have been average to say the least. The number one priority for kicking to advantage is that the player you want to kick too is playing in front, running to a position in front of the opponent. I would like to count up the times that our forwards were not in front, but waiting behind for either the ball that comes over the top or to try and take the big pack mark. In most of these instances the ball ju
  12. I was happy to donate to this cause. I am a rusted on supporter. I fortunately have not been impacted by the COVID 19 situation and I feel for all of the individuals that have been and more importantly for those that have lost the battle with this decease. Perhaps gentleman you should think that you are lucky to continue to support the club, which in many ways supports all of us with joy and frustrations. I have not been happier watching and listening to the optimism and closeness shown by all those involved in the club from the Board to the male and female players. They have embraced t
  13. The only downside to the changes is that we have a small forward line, with Tommy being the only tall.
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