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  1. Pruess: Would be interesting to see the trade value of Preuss. With Jackson coming in he seems like he will be the second ruckman from now on. He is valuable as a second ruckman on the list but would probably be valuable for a team like GWS who is desperate need of a first ruckman.
  2. Is anyone else concerned that the preseason is starting soon and we still haven't employed a full time forwardline/ offensive co-ordinator coach?
  3. Think we definitely need a backup versatile tall. Thoughts on lachie Henderson? Can play key position back which I think is important to help replace frost or as a forward. Would be looking at him first and then possibly walker than brown. I think having an extra defender who can go forward is more important. Hopefully tmac can come back and be in good form next year with weids or petty as second tall and fritsch as our medium forward? Not sure if we are undervaluing what Frost did for us this season as a key defender. His offensive is questionable but he managed to lock down on the key forwards pretty consistently. Was surprised we let him go instead of getting rid of omac.
  4. Man that video is just typical of what happens to oscar Mc in every one-on-one contest in the backline... zzz outbodied and outpositioned! All the talk about him getting bigger.. not sure how much that is helping at the moment
  5. I reckon Hall would be a good addition to our side. He runs hard, able to get the ball and uses it well. Him on the wing would be great.
  6. I reckon if we miss out on lever, he would be one we should chase. He's been in the system long enough that he has a mature body to play first team football. He has shown he can play as a key defender much better than OMac so this would be a boost for our backline. If we could have AA, Frost and maybe TMac, that wouldn't be a bad start. Frost and AA would play as key defenders and TMac would use his intercept marking abilities to play third man. If we managed to get Lever than I'd have Tmac and Frost playing key defenders with Lever playing third man up. His disposal is much better and would be way more effective coming out than TMac.
  7. Was interested to see if anyone had considerations of players moving to different positions in 2018. We saw Tmac move to the forwardline, which I think was only temporary. Hannan to the midfield I feel was a flop. He is an impact player as Jason Taylor mentioned. Positional changes: - Kent: either wing or half back. Dean Kent has burst pace and is tough, him on the wing would be perfect. - Vince: I feel vince will get resigned. I think Vince should play midfield and forward. His mistakes in the backline are very costly. - Salem: I think he needs to play in the midfield more. With Hunt, Jetta and Hibberd off the backline there should be enough fire power and ball use coming out. Any other ideas?
  8. I agree, not too impressed or overwhelmed by the ins. Brayshaw- is this a bit early? He had one great game, was building into form prior to this Weids- isn't dominating VFL footy, how is he going to contribute to the AFL team? Watts isn't playing great but does he need a few more games to get into form? Wagner- plays well at VFL level but at AFL level he appears too slow with decision making and his disposal is questionable at best. Turns it over by foot which is supposedly a strength? For Hannan i feel he is much more important in our forward line than in our midfield. I hope that his week off gives him some rest and he is invigorated for the next few weeks. His move to the midfield has been terrible, doesn't get his hands on the ball, doesn't contribute with his run and can't use his marking abilities. At the start of the year he looked great and kicked important goals which we have been suffering from recently.
  9. I agree that Lever would be ideal, but what are people's thoughts on him playing a key defensive post. At Adelaide, Lever plays a third man up. He has Talia and Hartigan to play one on one with the bigger bodies and he can read the play and come up third man to intercept mark. We haven't seen him play as the main man in defence which is exactly what we need. I think the options we have are: 1. Find a key position defender in the 2nd leagues 2. Recruit from other teams for KEY defenders: Looking around the other teams what are people's thoughts on Alir Alir from sydney. Played key defensive post last year. I am not as concerned about his rebounding, he isn't the best decision maker either but a much more solid defender than OMac. I don't mind Frost- he puts in 110% every time he plays. You see him chase, tackle, smother and spoil. He does make bad decisions, but with more experience back there and a better key defensive post with him should be more steady. It seems TMac is going to be trialled as a key forward for a while so without him to guide a backline then we need someone else to come in.
  10. I think that Vince's best position isn't off the half back flank. With Hibberd, Hunt, Salem and at time Lewis I think that's plenty of half back flankers bringing the ball out of defence. When Bernie was in good form for Melbourne he was playing in the midfield and off a wing. Remember in the first couple of seasons seeing him running and receiving the handball kicking 50m goals, that's the Vince we need back. I think we should push him back into the midfield and off a wing.
  11. I'm surprised people aren't interested in taking him for the right price. A Ruck/Forward is exactly a position we lack. Weids is far from AFL ready and will need a lot of time to develop his body and engine in the VFL Tmac and Watts aren't ruckman. I give credit to them both for filling the void but to be a better team we can't continue on like this. Tmac needs to be pushed back and stay permanently back to ensure Omac has time to develop. The other option whom I don't mind is Paeds who needs to play every week from now on when a true ruckman comes in. At the moment he's our best Ruck/Forward and he definitely tries hard. Was surprised he didn't play over Weids at the start of the season. A goal kicking ruckman such as Tippet would be ideal for our team and take the emphasis on Hogan and provide us with more options.
  12. I would like to know what Omac's disposal efficiency was. After a mark he still puts his teammates under pressure with [censored] kicks. We really need Hogan to come back so Tmac can push back. Even though Tmac's disposal is average at least he's a much better defender. Would love to see Steven May in Dees colours next year
  13. After going to the game yesterday I'm surprised they kept Weids in the team without Gawn and Hogan. He hardly led to the right areas, couldn't apply much pressure when we turned the ball over and just looked lost. At times we needed a tall target to kick it long to and usually he had already led and was around the 50 mark. He got pushed out of one on one marking contests too easily. If Smith or Peders was there at least there would be a target with a big body our players would be confident to kick to, to at least create a contest for the ball to hit the ground. I think he will develop into a good player but he's just a little boy playing against men. I think he needs to develop at Casey first and gain a few kilograms before coming back to the senior side.
  14. Out: Gawn, Wieds In: Spencer, a smaller forward like benken or tall like peders? I like the glimpses of what Wieds will provide us in seasons to come. His issue is his engine isn't big enough, his overall intensity is lacking as the game goes on, he isn't getting even close to the ball and once the ball hits the ground he doesn't provide much forward pressure. With Smith, Watts, Peders it will provide more options and both Watts and Peders can give Spencer a rest. Problem is the Peders had shoulder surgery over the preseason so what kind of form is he in. I would like to try Frost over Omac. Omac is still very light and gets pushed off the ball and out of the contest too easily. Frost and Omac will both make big clangers coming out of the backline, similar to Tmac but I guess they cancel each other out. Melksham is lucky, i don't think he contributed much even though he had 20 disposals on the weekend. Bugg would play a similar role to him? I think when Hibberd comes back both of them will be in trouble though. Would like to see Salem and Vince move into the midfield more though so his position may be safe for now.
  15. There will have to be a core midfield group which spends more time around the stoppages. Those would have to be Jones, Viney, Tyson, Lewis, Vince. The benefit going into 2017 is we have more numbers which can move through and give these guys a break without a massive drop in output. These would include Oliver, Petracca, Brayshaw, Salem, Melks, AVB, Harmes. Hopefully, this means that with more rotations the midfield group will be fresher and provide more run during the game in transition.
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