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  1. I've been out for a bike ride. It's seriously windy!! The filth would be going in way too top heavy if they line up as selected. I wouldn't be surprised to see a late change. (Small for ta

    Confident? Of course not ... Essendon!!

    I've got a seat organised on Level 2 so I'm set.

    Go dees!!!



  2. What a poor performance!! Kent played one of the worst matches I've ever seen. (Well, the first half anyway.) 

    So many missed chances at vital times. Absolute momentum killers/changers. 

    It will be carnage against Hawthorn.

    Despite kicking 4 goals against Brisbane (3 in junk time), he had a shocker. His effort against PP wasn't much better.

    I think that writing off OMac is a bit premature. But he needs the rest of the season at Casey.

    There are too many small players in the side. Need to limit the number. 


  3. 46 minutes ago, Jesse Christ said:

    Disagree, I give us every chance to beat the Hawks,  it will take our best and we need to manage our players wisely. 




    I'd love your optimism to be justified JC!!! Go dees!!!

  4. I shall be true to my avatar by saying that the selectors should be totally focused on picking the best possible side against Port this Saturday, because there's virtually no prospect of winning the following week against Hawthorn. The team's record of backing up after NT matches is abysmal.  

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  5. There was absolute no upside being there yesterday. Well, other than sitting with some nice people. I met the sports writer Martin Flanagan. What a nice bloke!!

    Ground - hate it. Performance by the team - appalling.

  6. 9 minutes ago, Peter Griffen said:

    Out : Nathan Jones, Max Gawn, Jesse Hogan, Tom Mcdonald, Jack Viney, Bernie Vince, Jeff Garlett Dom Tyson

    In: Jake Spencer, Jack Grimes, Ro Bail, Mark Neeld, Col Sylvia, Jack Watts of 2013, Cale Morton, Jimmy Toumpas

    Surely Neville Jetta should be omitted as well!! Perhaps Isaac Weetra?

  7. I agree that Lumumba is way better than Grimes and Garlo. Shame that the game has pretty much passed those fine foot soldiers by. (How's that for a corny line?)

    Forgive me if this has already been mentioned. But i think the team had over 400 possessions against Richmond. That is Geelongesque from their successful period. Only sides with really good skills can get away with that. It is otherwise overusing the ball, which is why there were so many turnovers. 

    I'm really impressed with the young guys - Hunt & Wagner. The fact that the side is better, has some structure and a workable game plan makes it easier for young players to slot in. In the past it was almost impossible for young guys coming into a side that was poorly coached and was a complete rabble that expected to lose. 

    An aside. I sat in the MCC members (I'm also a MFC member!!!) yesterday between some Tigers supporters. The guy on my right was really pleasant, and we had a nice chat before the game, and even during the first quarter. The guys on the other side were middle aged aggressive nasty loud unpleasant types. So unpleasant that I had to move at qtr time. I told them that I couldnt put up with their behaviour any longer. They were proud of their achievement, taunted me and high fived each other.

    As the match unfolded, I guess I had the last laugh. (PS. I presume the only real pleasure these bogans got for the rest of the game was watching Rance coward punching Watts; right up their alley.)

    Go Dees!!!




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  8. No comparison. Obviously.

    Here's what Max said after the Round 1 win.


    While Gawn said the group was thrilled with the win, they must now maintain their momentum.

    “We won Round 1 last year as well and then we didn’t really go on with it. It’s all about the next few weeks and how we recover and what we do at training this week,” he said.

    “We want to go on with this. Obviously we’ve won three NAB games in a row, but that doesn’t really matter. It’s been a long time since we’ve won two or three AFL games in a row.

    “We we’ve got a couple of games coming up that will be testers.”

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