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  1. I'm spewing i have to miss seeing this game live. I just realized it is at Ikon park and 100% would be going if it were not for the fact i'm seeing Nile Rogers and Chaka Khan at the bowl on Saturday night.
  2. Good nickname in an ironic way given her ability to put the cooler on oppo players. But she'll always be Shelly to me!
  3. Fair points. The key for salo is some luck with injury and the thyroid stuff. If he has an uninterrupted preseason i'm confident he will get back to his best. If he does it will almost be like having a new recruit.
  4. Love it. 100% agree. One of the things i've loved about the AFLW is that in a short period of time there are already a handful of players who are right up there with my all time favorite dees players - male or female. Shelley (who doesn't need a Australian style nick name ie with the compulsory y at the end of the name), Westy, Paxy and Hanksy are all all time favorites of mine (with Goldy not far off being added!). .
  5. Or perhaps free up salo to play as a mid/high half forward/utility type?
  6. Doesn't meet the Ross Lyon glass muncher threshold. Curious, because Goody has much the same threshold yet in Schache and Billings we have traded in two players who are far from being competitive beasts.
  7. Oh yeah - good call. Completely forgot we picked him up. Couldn't get on the park because of bad concussion issues IIRC. Such a shame for the young bloke -seemed a really nice youg fella
  8. Helps explain why she is such a brilliant and ferocious tackle.
  9. The top ten in the 2013 draft makes for interesting reading: Tom Boyd - Giants Josh Kelly - Giants (pick traded from Melbourne) Jack Billings - Saints Marcus Bontempelli - Bulldogs Kade Kolodjashnij - Gold Coast Matthew Scharenberg - Collingwood James Aish - Lions Luke McDonald - Roos Christian Salem - Dees (mid first round compensation pick from 2010 traded from Giants) Nathan Freeman - Collingwood Dees end up with three top 10 picks from that draft! (note: we picked up hunt and traded in Dom Tyson as part of the pick swap that saw Kelly go to the Giants and Salo to us. A Paul Roos call)
  10. The 'can kick the ball inside 50' line made me laugh. Summed up our key issue in six words - as opposed to my six thousand words making the same point. Not to self - sometimes less is more (and certainly less time consuming!).
  11. Yes very true. Taylor and goody sing from the same hymn book in that regard - ie prioritising competitive will over all else. And for good reason given the intensity of AFL footy now. The contest has always been critical but it's next level now. No room anymore for pure 'outside' players. I was against trading Watts, but it was the right call (pro dee/gator says hi) - leaving aside any cultural concerns, goody could see where the game was heading. Ten years ago you could perhaps carry one or two players like Jack who have elite kicking skills but picked and choose when to go. Not anymore. (I'll concede I was wrong on Watts. But I'm sticking to my opinion we should have pulled the trigger on Josh Kelly, even with salo playing an important role in our Premiership). One thing I'll give the pies alot of credit for is their most skilled players are still hard at it and are competitors. The daicos brothers, pendles, Sidebottom and mcreery are all brilliant kicks. But all are also competitors and don't shirk the contest. Mcvee has the same qualities and will be a critical player for us in the next few years (which is crazy to think given he was a smokey to even be selected at the start of the season).
  12. Yep Wattsy's off field stuff and 'cultural issues' played a part in him being traded (and by the by we won premiership so hard to argue it wasn't the right decision). But I wasn't suggesting JB has any concerns i that space. I was referring to the irony of bringing in player who, like Jack, has silky skills but doesn't have the intensity or attack on the pill that goody values so highly.
  13. Def elite kick - didn't miss a target in any of those clips!
  14. My sense is Billings is an excellent kick, but that may well be becuase i haven't really paid that much attention to him. Where would posters rate him on the dees elite kicking scale, with 0 being Tmac playing at CHB and 10 being Mcvee (do others agree he is now our best kick?)?
  15. There would be a certain level of irony in trading in a player with similar attributes to Wattsy.
  16. Exactly. I like the way we've played this. Petty's messaging has been poor. Ours hasn't. Hard ball. We have the whip hand with two full years on his contract. Never anything but clarity from us - he is staying. If we are in this same situation again this time next year the crows and Petty know we mean business. Dixon will surely be close to retirement at port and they also need another gun defender to shore up their pathetic defence. Maybe two SA clubs will be keen. And it should be remembered that whilst the crows floated stupid money for petty, which he may not get offered again, it's not as if they were really going to offer us much this season trade wise. No reason to think with two suitors we wouldn't get as good a deal, if not better, next year. And we will still have the whip hand. Of course you don't want players who don't want to be there but it's important to send a message - to other clubs, player managers and players. If he wants to go but a deal can't be done that satisfies us then stuff him. Jvr will be another year closer to his prime. Hopefully Jefferson has come on. Disco Turner will be a regular in the team. If we feel compelled to keep Petty because a deal can't be done that suits us then we afford to play hard ball and play him at Casey if that's how Petty wants to play it. And besides its not as if we don't have leverage in that scenario. No doubt there are performance triggers in petty's contract (eg bluey votes, senior games) he would be risking if he isnt all in. Any injury might sour a trade. And Adelaide might cool on him if he was forced to honour his contract.
  17. Adelaide premiership defender Najwa Allen has been suspended for three matches. In a ten game season 3 matches is the equivalent of 7 or 8 in the AFL. Blimey, that's tough. Good for us though
  18. Well we got a steal with JVR then given he compares favourably with Brown at the same age!
  19. Worth considering. Someone suggested getting mcvee on ball, or perhaps as a winger/utility, which i reckon has a lot of merit. With his poise and beautiful foot skills (our best kick this season?) the forwards would love him having that last kick inside 50.
  20. I refuse to list what Goodwin should be doing about that from a list point of view? Refuse? Refuse who? You? You seem to paint anyone who sees things in more positive light than you in such black and whiter terms. And paint yourself as clear eyed and able to see what noobs such as myself are too blindly loyal to see. As if i do nothing but praise the club and refuse to see or acknowledge any weaknesses. (by the by, i don't think other clubs 'copied our game plan' and have never said they have. I HAVE said on many occasions that we copied the Tigers game plan and that the model developed by Hardwick is the template for the way the game is now played). C'mon Jimmy such reductive, black and white nonsense is so puerile. It is why i don't bother engaging in any meaningful discussion with you any more. You don't seem to be interested in genuine discussion. You seem to prefer baiting, being obtuse and unnecessarily contrarian. It's tiresome. But each to their own i guess. But i'll bite this time. So, to your point about me 'refusing' to 'list what Goodwin should be doing about that from a list point of view'. For one thing, if you had been paying attention, i have banging on about our poor kicking skills ever since i started posting on DL 13 years ago. And more recently i have addressed what i see as our key list needs on multiple occasions. For example, for your reading pleasure please see these three recent examples (let me know if you want some more):
  21. I 100% agree on the first point. I would argue the key reasons we didn't take advantage of our midfield and defensive dominance during big games were: our poor field kicking in general, which meant we were matched or beaten on scores from turnover - something that barely happened all season poor final kicks inside 50 our mids and utilities not scoring enough goals our woeful accuracy from set shots and shots from general play As for the second point, that is what I'm talking about in terms of all finalists, with the slight exception of the Lions, basically employing the same game plan. Come the pointy end of the season ALL teams, except the lions against Port, struggled to score from the back half because the game plan involved territory and trapping in the front half as much as possible. In our QF against the Pies and semi against the Blues we were actually better at transitioning and scoring from the back half - and on turnover too. The problem was we were scoring points not goals. The Pies and Blues were more accurate (an old fashioned word for the stupidest and most misleading word in footy - efficiency) and took their chances. And as a result both won.
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