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  1. Agreed, nice bloke...... but ...basically useless
  2. Big Joe has finally learnt to kick!!
  3. It's probably non PC Wadda ....... but FMD ...... those beatle orbs are a [censored] laugh !!
  4. De Gooey - A fine example for aspiring AFL players.
  5. Do I have to draw you a pic WCW. It's what the maid tries to avoid!!
  6. I know ..... but it"s the Filth ..... must hate them
  7. I'm guessing everyone is hoping for the filth to get a [censored] tonight?
  8. All just remember, Gill has copped about 2 mill a year for his efforts! Chew on that for a while
  9. Take note WCW. This is a wholesome, family friendly thread, and posts, such as the above are not appropriate.
  10. It's early season, we're coasting , if there is any doubt about your gun player why not give him a break, it's September that counts.
  11. No one wants to see dangerous tackles or contacts. No one wants to see head injuries or concussion. But footy features strong blokes competing at speed so injuries will be an inevitable consequence. Given the vagaries of the Match Review set up are we getting to a point where players will be instructed to avoid physical contact? Is the physical aspect of our game in danger of disappearing to the extent that footy will just not be the same game?
  12. That certainly was the case Loges .......but now..... who knows. It maybe still on the books but its application ........ ??????
  13. Mazer, I've played, watched followed footy for a gazillion years. I know I'm not always the sharpest knife in the wardrobe .... but if blokes ( and maybe even Sheilas) like me are constantly confused by umpiring decisions ...... well maybe there's something amiss.
  14. Correct. The one certainty of the MRP ( and its various previous incarnations ) has been its perplexing uncertainty.
  15. Bloody hell WCW ! It was only an invitation to a "Dungeon Party" at The Manor.
  16. Yeah, I would like a Saturday arvo game also od. Even though I enjoyed both our night games this year, getting back to The Manor at midnight is a pain in the [censored].
  17. I would rate Blues lose as a hallelujah at least Mazer.
  18. [censored] weak effort from the Blues. They gave it up about 15 mins ago rather than battle it out.
  19. Reckon the Suns will do the business!!
  20. Silvagni argues - why not 50? Is this a rule or not?
  21. Another late goal !!!! This will test The Premiers.
  22. Timely goal.. Pressure back on Carlton.
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