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  1. What a lot of twaddle some people are writing, this is a leadership group at a footy club, not leading anyone into war, or running a business if they get it wrong nobody dies or goes broke It is a group for all players to strive to be part of, as the group supposedly contains, as another poster has stated, exemplary professional footy players, who go about being a footy player in the right way It is leadership by example, and it can be a sounding board for young players, somebody who is a peer you can ask questions of Gee!!!!!
  2. For the millionth time, we seem to have some masochistic supporters, if supporting MFC is so bloody miserable for you, why do it?
  3. To provide a proper wind break for Casey I think it would have to be about 1KM and about 150KM in circumfrence....it is flat as a tack down there...
  4. Gee Rodan a guy who has played 170 odd games and couldn't establish himself When Davey won the best and fairest it was the last time he was injury free You didn't dampen for me, I laughed
  5. What do you want Neeld to say, are you going to be there yourself? Ask yourself I thought the rant wasn't even a question, he was quoting the myth that is culture......if asked in a polite manner.......Neeld will say "I am building a team that will win a premiership"......that's all I want to hear, but I know that anyway so no need to ask Everything else is either in the past and is being dealt with or not important as it doesn't impact on the players who will take the field. Thc Club is going forward jump on board it's going to be great As for the guy who got up, I may have a case of mistaken
  6. Great report.......as for Davey and Jetta, it is amazing what an injury free and full pre season can do for you.... as for the guys missing....had a chat with Nev Jetta early on about this.....he said everybody is on a specific program.....if guys in the past have had issues with certain injuries etc the program allows for days off, gym days, etc etc..to make sure their body is 'treated' correctly.... .and they are encouraged to report even the slightest niggle...maybe why Nicho was just walking laps I am so pleased it looks like we only have 3 who are not in full training, off days included
  7. WJ best of luck, the only way for a person to learn is to be deprived of something they enjoy, so banning recidivists is your only option to retain some sense of order. It has happened to me once and I thoroughly deserved it, had no problem with it at all and learnt my lesson from it. I know they can 'reappear' but most can recognise their 'style' and act
  8. I think this is part of the AFL program for young footy players during the school holidays, MFC had a couple last year as well. give them a taste Given our links with the Geelong region not surprised we have a Falcons player And Jack Viney probably knows Billings from the Oakleigh Chargers
  9. Hodge 205 games Grimes 53....yes that's a good comparison....let's see what Grimes does this season with his 2nd full preseason under his belt
  10. I don't care how many people say it I am not paranoid!!!!!!!!!!
  11. And we perpetuate another myth, how many weeks has Joel missed, suspended for high tackles?, same with Bail.......I am with VAGG on Joel Mac
  12. As I said you must be very thin skinned......I don't really care what other supporters/people think, only what I do, but you are entitled to not announce publicly that you are an MFC supporter, my desk in work is covered in Red and Blue but nobody says anything coz they know I don't care... edited because my spellin and grammor seem to be getting wurs
  13. Laughing stock?....gee you take the footy seriously don't you......you must be very thin skinned.....The club is running smoothly, memberships out on time, website updated with new stories each day, sponsors locked and loaded for 2013, only 3 still on restricted training, AGM and Family Day organised......................beat ups in the newspapers everyday, got a Bookmaker to make a comment today in the AGE, now there is a person with no vested interests I think there are supporters from at least another 5 clubs hoping that we don't take the lid of the can of worms that is 'tanking' completely
  14. This topic has still got legs AGM MFC is a footy club The players are having a good pre season The coach has a plan We made a profit last year 2013 is a new season What is left to ask, notice the questions that are going to be asked have dried up, as they do at the AGM, no keyboard to hide behind And as far as I can recollect been to the microphone 3 times myself in the last couple of years, not to raise a question but to thank the Club
  15. VFL alignment.....answer...MFC are trying to build their supporter base in the South East, Casey will stay in the forseeable future Closed sessions.....there are lots of other facilities available in Melbourne for 'closed' sessions, if it is 'CLOSED' obviously we won't advertise where it is Opel built war machinery for the Nazis....so we don't want them as a sponsor?.....grow up
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