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  1. Not important @Lucifer's Hero but I think Jordon will be a FA when his contract is up because he was delisted at one stage? And agree with others… the list looks in really good shape. Would love to get long term deals locked away for LJ and Clarry!
  2. Coaches votes were: Fritsch - 10 Seedsman - 8 Tracc - 6 Keays didn’t poll a vote, neither did Clarry.
  3. Lol, love that we can win a game by 40 points and get 1 of 6 available votes.
  4. Isn’t he talking about Hawkins?
  5. Best. Win. Ever. I have not experienced anything like that before. Amazing. Whoever we play next week will have to play unbelievable footy to beat us.
  6. Is it just me or are the umps willing the dogs over the line?
  7. Because the AFL wants every team to get a 7-day break in finals, there is bugger all difference between a 13 and a 15 day break and we got the easier of the qualifying final match-ups. If we can’t roll Geelong we don’t deserve to win. If we end up playing Port in the GF we will have both hosted games against the Cats and Lions to get there so same same. And you could argue we have a bigger advantage vs Geelong given the rest week. Plus we’ll get an extra day before the GF if we make it.
  8. That was a bog ordinary game. Objectively we are a much better side than Geelong and should win if we can avoid a run of goals like last time. Nonetheless I’ll be having nightmares all week.
  9. Joel Smith has been the biggest possible liability.
  10. We’d likely have to get over the Dogs first. Needing to beat the Dogs and then Port in Adelaide just to make the GF would be a very tough road.
  11. Does Dangerfield think Aliir is on the same team? Picking him out like nobody’s business
  12. Despite putrid umpiring Port are looking scary good.
  13. I was just too young to catch much of Robbie’s career but I find it hard to believe he could’ve been much better than this bloke who is 24 and breaking records. Unbelievable player and we’re lucky to have him.
  14. Expecting we will win next week but to come up against the Dogs if we lose would be at least a little uncomfortable.
  15. Sparrow can go missing but he’s surprisingly strong overhead. I liked the balance of our team tonight and think we’ll need the extra tall against Brisbane’s defence.
  16. Are you kidding? He’s being assaulted all game. He’s fighting his [censored] off.
  17. How much more torture can this team dish out to us?
  18. We kicked 16.8 last week so hopefully we have started to rectify that issue.
  19. Destiny is still 100% in our hands for the rest of the season. Tick. An extra point in either the Crows or Hawks games would’ve been handy though.
  20. The Cats are unsuspendable. As proven by the MRP verdict. No charges.
  21. Sparrow’s kicking has been woeful today
  22. Healy keeps banging on about Oliver’s workrate. Meanwhile he keeps jogging on refusing to chase defensively.
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