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  1. No concept of someone covering their tracks...or just no concept ? Either way your stance hardly surprises.
  2. Macca pushed him out the door not Simon. Not unless Goody lied to Jacks face
  3. Strangely well summed up. We actually dont know that the club has no idea. Its a very good point. There are people/companies that do external reviews. In fact there's a whole big world out there. You're very defensive of Mahoney. I only care about the jumper..the vlub..the personnel ...whatever. Im very defensive against mediocrity and bull excrement. Only a fool has himself as legal counsel. Only a foolish club isnt prepared to allow an outside unbiased review. We're floundering big time...drowning not waving.
  4. What im saying is very simple..so keep up You dont review yourself. Do we need an external reviewer...like duh !!
  5. Thanks. . Those stats AREN'T telling OUR story ! Ours is quite different !!
  6. Or covering his own [censored] quick smart. How any review of a dept by themselves can be taken seriously beggars belief.
  7. I would be the last to blame him for things going wrong...well certainly not just him. But he is curiously among it all. Kudos to him as being a survivor. Debacle Debarcle Tomato Tomarto..Potato Potatoe speaking of spuds.....
  8. Or he may not know any of that. You're applying your filter to a view. So far he's shown bugger all analytical ability. He has though acknowledged he recognises when wheels fall off...just not how to put them back on . Yeah. ..he's a keeper
  9. Be cheaper to just buy a breaky/gf ticket
  10. Though i understand it ive never been the type to particularly matyr myself to this kind of immovable position. Quite frankly i value my time ...and money. Though , as many will/would, I follow the Dees and could never anotherI really dont see the enjoyment in suffering. Lots of other things to do and see. Life is short. Those that want to put it in terms of bandwagons ( and i dont subscribe. .however ) must surely see unless blind that ours is a old falling apart float from 1964's Moomba parade. Theres no semblance of a recognisable tune, the band is way off key, half the in
  11. This lines up pretty well with what ive heard and know from other sources. Only the lapdogs ( and they know who they are..as do I ) who jump like rabid hounds the minute dissent is spoken of here on the boards want us to believe otherwise. Anyone thinking its all honky dory at the Dees ...well....you probably think reality TV is real too. Im moving to the country next year so will reduce my fees accordingly. ...but at still in two minds. There was once an era..a time when the MFC seemed a proud and honourable club. The whole AFL stinks these days. The game is [censor
  12. Man wins a cupie doll !! This is a symptom of what is wrong at Melbourne. This is not a trend...it's a trail
  13. Who's qualified to provide an impartial review ? Contrast that to who is ACTUALLY doing it.
  14. Nail on head. It's so incestuous within the FD ...this bloke knows that, played with that guy ..who coaches with...etc etc. Any attempt of an internal review is flawed. More so it smacks more of glossing over the problematic ones than of identifying them and calling to task. All we want is honesty.
  15. Amateur hour really isn't it. Jaw dropping in the context of being inept. We pay how many $millions for coaches...for this drivel ? If this were a business ( as opposed a Boyz club ) ... they'd all be sacked. The Shareholders would also want the heads of the Boardmembers on sticks. It's a train wreck.
  16. So..he knew it wasnt going too well over summer....figured we're this side of stuffed rnd 3 ( welcome to our reality Simon ) Little match simulation ? Hmm probably explains why all those things that looked marvee at training fell to bits pkaying an opposition that didn't care to stick to OUR game....golly..who'd da thunk !! And ppl have faith in THIS ?? roflmao Out of depth...simple.
  17. **** one fault clearly is 🤔🤔🤔
  18. He didn't. Had he though we'd probably have Mahoney. Damned either way perhaps
  19. Frustration is flavour of the season. From fans to players we've had enough of this rubbish. Now as fans there's not a lot we can do but watch and wait. Players on the other hand are in the thick of it. Something I've noticed a little of late is a bit of dissent among the ranks. A bit of niggle between fellows of the same cloth. Plainly not everyone is on the same page. This screams to me the Coach (s) has lost the group...as a group. Not everyone is on the same page. Quite possibly some just aren't fans of a poorly written scribble. What at least appeared to be a fai
  20. The conundrum becomes, for me, that help is required, lots of it. But how do you bring in someone (now) whose role is essentially to mentior , nurture, whatever ability, if any, Goodwin may have without effectively cuckolding him. That and of itself i could care less but i don't see how it would fly. What it says any which way is..Simon...listen and do as others think . If that's the case you simply don't even need Simon. It all becomes messy and untenable. This is what truly annoys me..Pert and Co in their rush have dug and even deeper hole for us than we were in.
  21. Or was he just not listened to...taken seriously etc.
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