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  1. i suppose in a nutshell....you can be as gifted as hell in football terms, but if you cant catch that other bloke who's streamign away from you ...what does it count for ?? ..... as WJ alludes...the game has moved on...at a bloody quick rate
  2. jb....you nailed it.. many wil still figure white to be in same league as others at the centre...and he's not...hasnt been for years...handy around ...but not at middle.....and we are stil unsure of a solution.. struggle in the middle and you lose. back to heads in sand everyone
  3. well the pre requisite of putting more than 5 words together in anything other than a monotone may render this question moot !!
  4. just as irritating perhaps as those that get tied up over minor typos !!. we all have our opinions...some get that concept..others are just full of own import!!
  5. an interestig conundrrum you raise 55..but would it be fair to hire a bloke and make him capt in the same 5 mins?? I dont hink so.... yo have blokes who give there al lfor the read and blue..and some interloper comes in and takes the cake !! you can see how that doesnt sit...even if he is the commensurate player he is ( judd). only one name for the possie when Neeta hangs up the boots.. Brock McLean. As some mention.. HE makes his presence felt...his team mates lift around him.. ..HE makes things happen....some very good othr playres...but not with the "X" factor of...i'll follow him.. etc.
  6. Am very surprised that the Irish got that sookie !! still there IS a future for them in the AFL...with those tactics they are dead set starters at Collingwood !! lol.
  7. keep in mind muscle weighs more than fat..the stonger he gets ..he'll actually put ON a few Kgs !!.. dont sweat it...he's fine.coming along nicely..
  8. Oozes is far better tham Ottens... a mark taken recently by Jamar over Simmonds for mine was way better than Ottens...half of Robbos would beat the ottens mark.... but nothing will ever beat Smith's !!! :-)))))) eh Garry ....lol
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