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  1. As the Ox yelled running onto our last GF - “too f’ing long”. And here we are
  2. One of the best Melbourne wins I’ve seen. And I’ve seen… well not that many.
  3. Got through - just needed multiple attempts.
  4. Hmm, I'm unable to reserve a ticket. I've tried both General Reserved and Best Available. I was under the assumption tickets were guaranteed? There aren’t enough tickets to meet your request right now. Please try Best Available with a reduced quantity of tickets. If you receive this message even when selecting only one ticket, all remaining tickets are being transacted by other customers.
  5. That’s what I thought too. Hard to see how we were ever going to match them.
  6. That last 10 mins was unbelievable. Viney is a monster
  7. Just saw JKH driving up Swan St to the game. Has to be a good sign, right?
  8. Got them in the end - 30 min wait. Good luck all.
  9. Did the redirect work for you?
  10. btw if you ever do get in, make sure you check there's a padlock in your browser location for their site. Their redirect is taking me from a secure to a non-secure page.
  11. Possibly, but that's exactly how a website should work. I'll stop ranting now and start praying.
  12. Even if it is, the internet doesn't work that way.
  13. I've been "redirecting in 10 seconds" for the last 10 minutes. Can't even login. What will happen at 9am??
  14. The Ticketek site has queue to access the website. Not to purchase tickets, just to view it. This is not going to end well.
  15. Can't move on Swan St for Melbourne supporters. So exciting.
  16. That sounds fair to me ? PM me if it's do-able. Cheers!
  17. I'm also in need of a spare barcode if anyone else is not going. Otherwise I will literally have to choose my favourite child. Any help appreciated.
  18. Just added Nev to my favourite player list - should have done it ages ago.
  19. Yep. Leigh Matthews: " I wouldn't play Jones on Hogan because he won't be doing much today"
  20. Thank you. Absolute lifesaver!
  21. McGuire disappointed - FFS how can he be commentating on this?
  22. My kids are at school with Hassa's grandkids - it's pretty awesome having a chat about the footy with a club legend (and a good bloke).
  23. Brilliant. Thanks for finding that. Flower, R - 38 disposals. Says it all.
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