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  1. You have done a solid job with the top 60. Well done! Its not easy to do.
  2. Agree we'd be crazy to pass up on Kynan Brown. From what i've seen he is as tough as nails and has a lot of upside. A couple of his teammates would be nice to get as well.
  3. I agree this is an elite line. Although it will be interesting to see how we go without Hunts run. Bowey and Brayshaw are reliable but not quick. Do we need to look for another HB to support Salem? He's 28 this yr.
  4. I agree we need another power mid but we cant just keep them in the 2's waiting for Trac and Oli to finish. If we draft a mid we need to get them in quickly. Bailey Laurie has spent 2 years in the 2's, yes he's had injuries but its far too long not play someone. Fraser Rosman is another that didn't get an opportunity, he may have been a much better AFL player than in the VFL. I'd like to see us get some more speed out of defence and across the wings. These players generally can also eventually play mid minutes as well. As far as mids go every draft there are strong mids so i'm not too fussed if we go for a power mid in 2023 or 2024.
  5. I havent had a chance to watch any training this week so thx for the notes. How is Kynan Brown and Bailey Laurie training and what line are they working with?
  6. Correct. The Crows have invested in Rankine and Rachele so I can't see why they would go after Kozzie and have to give away a lot to get him. Kane Cornes agenda is always about Port and they do need small pressure fwds...as well as other positional players :-) But Port would need to give up similar or better to the Rankine deal. The Suns got pick 5, a future third and fourth round selection.
  7. Yeah good pick up. Walter is a top 3 pick atm and hes destined for the suns. If your scenario worked out then we would jump significantly securing a top 10 pick. I wouldn't want to give up both picks in 2023 though as it's such a strong draft.
  8. Dont forget we have picks 13 & 14 and we have a habit of using our picks to climb the order, Cozzie is a perfect example. We actually tried to use picks 13 &14 to get Bailey Humphrey this year so I would say we are still a sniff to get one of Reid, Duursma or Moir if we trade our picks. If not, it's a strong draft so we will land 2 jets anyway. I think we have gaps across HB and wing that can be improved, as well as needing some more speed to compliment the game plan.
  9. Nathan Brown was one of my favourite players. He was a bloody good workhorse, quick and great role player. Kynan is very similar to his dad but i actually think he plays a bit more like Jack Viney...just a hard nut. Kynan has been training with the boys pre christmas and looked good imo. I would be really surprised if we didn't pick him up.
  10. First time, longtime 🤩 Reading the Herald Sun, apparently he is lightning quick. Has an athletics background in the 110m hurdles and competed on the national stage and is the Vic state champion. A bit of kouta and Andrew McGrath in him. He will be around the mark at pick 13 & 14. We could do with some speed in the high HB position.
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