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  1. Maybe I am next @ happily retired.
  2. Why would you trade 13 and 11 for 25 and 23, doesn't make sense. I see us using our 3rd round picks this year for we possibly have up to 8 or 9 delistings or retirements ahead of us. Either we use the fill-in-the-player negotiations swap period for spaces or we upgrade our back-end bundling them for points to snag higher picks.
  3. I have a suggestion... why don't you go coach them next year.
  4. That's all a bit harsh considering "experts" are paid more than you and me to coach a team. Frankly I will leave decisions like this to those that know better. But thanks for your views....
  5. Well guess we are stuck with Goodwin for now but maybe we will get some changes in the coaching panel for 2024 with Yze to get the Richmond job I reckon. In fairness to Goodwin you and I are not in the "inner circle" and frankly I will tend to leave decisions that we think are fair and reasonable to the experts for now.
  6. Salem is in our top ten listed players that's why.
  7. Jackson would have been a better player in the Demons 22 rather than Freemantle in 2023 season I feel.
  8. No way Salem is going anywhere. Just look at what he has been through this year with illness. He admits he is under his playing weight by over 5 kg and in an interview on SEN the other day said he had a commitment to the Club and his play this year was heavily compromised by his illness.
  9. Viney for mine had a good serviceable game.
  10. That's a bit tough on Lever.. We lost the game for other reasons, like ... 17 behinds.
  11. My view is we need to look seriously at our forward half and that includes a lot of first-line and second-line players that are just ordinary. Thought Sparrow did OK and in Spargo surprised me with his effort considering what he has displayed in the 2's over the past month. Sad to say McDonald should retire as well as BBB. As for JJ I love the guy but "love" doesn't win games. But guess the Club will go for the long term benefit rather that cheap imports where they are another teams has beens... p.s. I won't mention Schache...
  12. Agree, In the States if targeting is questioned or observed by a referee during play he views footage immediately and has sole discretion to ban the player from the game there and then. There is no recourse to the decision either then or after the game has finished.
  13. Gus at training today. Great to see him up and about,
  14. All comments aside it is so sad that a genuine lover and fair player of the game in Brayshaw may end up playing his last game for the Club he loves. Footy aside I just hope he does what is best for his future as the brain plays longer in life than a footy life. As for Maynard visiting Brayshaw at home.... Yeah.... bet he would not have done it if the hit was not as serious as it may well become. One final point and that is .............. if Maynard at the tribunal of his defense raises one statement about how sincere he is by visiting Brayshaw I will know that it is all an act on his part. Just look at his history. And as for Buckley's comments.... He should be rubbed out... for what he said about the incident. "Collingwood legend Nathan Buckley says he doesn’t believe Brayden Maynard’s collision with Angus Brayshaw warrants suspension, suggesting there’s too much “grey area” in the AFL’s focus on duty of care."
  15. I have learned to not believe a thing any Collywobble person says.....
  16. While ya at it, drop Hibbo ( too slow these days but love ya service.) for Disco, bring in JJ for Smith and yeah - play Grundy.. God bless yo Brayshaw hope you come through O.K.....
  17. My point is that no one has confirmed it was a concussion yet.
  18. That's a bit tough to say that when we do not know what has happened to Brayshaw yet don't you think ?
  19. Agree. Smith and McDonald should never get another game. But there again who do we replace them with. ?
  20. It's difficult to determine who is right. Goody should, I believe support his players the way he is doing now, any difference would be irresponsible. On the other hand, it may well play out for other Clubs to increase their desperation "offer" for a player who obviously has a lot of talent. The trade period will settle that argument, just so long we come out the winner in the end whether it be we retain Grundy or trade him.
  21. Better players ahead of him. Smith will be Sub against the Swans.
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