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  1. it wouldn't be incredible at all. It's what most likely will happen. Sydney have Stkilda, North & Gold Coast. So thats a 95% chance they win all 3. 1. Dogs: 72 points 2. Geelong: 72 points 3. Syd: 64 points 4. Port have Adelaide, Carlton, Bulldogs = win, win, loss. 64 points 5. Melb: 62 points (if we lose to wce) Thanks to the losses/draws to Adelaide, Hawks and Coll we must beat wce to sneak into the top 4.
  2. Far too generous on Viney. He was horrendous. 5 free kicks against! I repeat 5! Many of them holding the ball. Must be close to getting dropped now. He plays dumb football.
  3. Win this: we make top 4. Lose: We miss. Bottom line. Sydney and Port will overtake us otherwise.
  4. Out: Viney In: someone who doesnt give free kicks away like they're free samples
  5. terrible goal kicking. haven't improved in this area. Harmes a slow learner, kept missing to the right.
  6. great game. still horrendous goal kicking.
  7. Good job everyone! except Viney you can rot in the 2's forever and Harmes you can do the same if you cant kick easy goals.
  8. cmon pickett. that's an easy shot. most small forwards kick that 9 out of 10.
  9. thanks sparrow. you're out of the team next week unless you get 20 touches and kick a goal. horrendous and costly handball. Way too much stuffing around with the ball by all. Get the ball in there.
  10. The top of the goal square is always an option. It's always a clear option. no excuses.
  11. i'm a little confused. All season we've been watching our dysfunctional fwd line kick behind after behind or failure to get busy. We've got Jackson prove that he's going to become an elite ruckman but isn't a genuine forward, Ben brown unable to be the player we paid heavy for and Weideman failing to make the team. We've also seen Tom Mcdonald find some good early form but has dropped away. And we've seen Kozzie to remarkable things but also let us down continuously with set shot goal kicking. We need forwards that know what they're doing. Forwards that kick straight. Bottom line. Or we can continue watching goal kicking let us down for another season. i'd look into guys like Breust and Sidebottom. And sidebottom would be playing permanent forward.
  12. i think that it's disappointing that when they report on Majaks attempt they often refer to it as a 'fall'. Which i think just shows that people are so uncomfortable when talking about men's mental health.
  13. If the hawks, adelaide, collingwood and to a lesser extend kangaroos game is anything to go by this game is a genuine 50/50. A shame that a win means means not much to our top 4 hopes as we need other teams to lose to make it most likely. But a loss 100% rules us out unless we beat geelong in geelong.
  14. i like the look of Bowey. Still a little hesitant in his decision making but that will come with age and experience. Kicking is on point. Unfair to compare him to Caleb Daniel though who is the best field kick in the league.
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