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  1. I'm pretty sure Brayshaw has been one of our better kicks this season. I mean maybe not for you dee spencer, but for some its pretty tough to hit a target with three people half a second away from tackling you.
  2. I think I know why we are handing out long term deals to everyone left right and centre… Because their premiership players!!!
  3. I thought our forward line worked pretty well booting 15 goals, surprisingly our defense wasn't playing at there best. But really it all comes down to our midfield whether we play well or not.
  4. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/why-luke-jackson-shouldn-t-be-priority-for-fremantle-and-melbourne-20220706-p5azmq.html Check this article out
  5. Even if they beat us I can't see us losing to them in the finals at the G, plus they are old.
  6. If I were Melbourne I would take Sean Darcy and a first rounder. We aren't going to give them Young Jackson and go running around for a second ruckman. Its unrealistic but I would want Darcy whos only 24 years old and a first rounder for Jackson.
  7. It's as if the boys thought 'you know what, lets start trying'
  8. 6 Viney (BOG, best game of his career) 5 Lever (Marked the ball much better tonight) 4 Clarry ( always up there) 3 Dogga (great game in the middle with Max out, plays like another mid) 2 Petracca ( much better than the last 3 weeks) 1 Honestly, the whole team probably ties for this spot
  9. I saw some stat that said last year we were no.1 in pressure, and now we are 17th in pressure. Dunno if its gameplan or Burgo leaving, but if you as ask me, I imagine if we improve the pressure we would see a difference in the way we play.
  10. Hey guys, Just Wondering what time, where and what days the Dees train so I can go down and watch sometime? Because when I go to the MFC website it comes to this https://www.melbournefc.com.au/teams/training-times
  11. I think play Gus on the wing and when clarry, trac, or viney go off he goes into the guts and JJ replaces him on the wing, because JJ has been solid on the wing and Gus is definetely better than backup mids at the moment.
  12. I think we should chuck Jacko or Max up forward more if the opposition amp the pressure up and we start bombing it in so we can give our smalls a chance.
  13. A Jesse Hogan type would be nice player to crash the pack, mark the ball and/or bring the ball to ground for our scrappers while our mids bomb it in under pressure.
  14. WE were lowering our eyes in the first quarter but if we keep bombing it in we need a pack crasher, because its not [censored]ing Weideman.
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