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  1. Rather Oliver, Gawn or Petracca win a Norm Smith personally…
  2. Umpires are glorified fan boys/girls…they are not experts…
  3. Bont’s a receiver and his team mates in the middle make him look a better player than he is… Clarry will score well in the back half of the season.
  4. https://www.woof.net.au/forum/showthread.php?21214-Western-Bulldogs-vs-Melbourne-2021-analysis/page2 They are certainly due for a choke, they've got all the pressure really we've got a massive out if we lose. If we win it's the greatest flag ever. If they win, they beat that team that copped a raw deal. These guys have surprised me this year with their new found mettle; I'm waiting for the real Demons to appear. Love the inflated confidence and feeling hard done by. They bottomed out at the wrong time - chucked the game against Port to guarantee top 4 and then gifted by the umpires their semi final win against the Lions…talk about a raw deal lol give me a break. Can’t see us choking from here and if anything the opposite is more likely…
  5. I was wrong about you TMac and I’m glad you proved me wrong…you’re both real and spectacular!
  6. I in fact think the two weeks suits us. We had a successful two week program leading to us putting the Cats in a spliff whereas the Dogs are going to struggle with the two weeks (even if they get more players back)…their momentum is more in doubt than ours.
  7. Is anyone else sick to death of the media’s narrative that we’re underdone because the Dogs have played 3 games in 4 weeks?
  8. Just imagine how much more worried we’d be if Bruce and McLean were in their team…
  9. Where’s Mumford when you need him?
  10. Demons have a never lost a home Preliminary Final…
  11. First - Don’t remember. Best - 2000 Qualifying Final (Leoncelli’s goal to hit the front was epic - had number 36 on my back that day). Special mentions to the 2006 and 2018 Elimination Finals, Round 11 (2004) belting Freo in the driving rain at Subi and the Round 22 (2018) against the Eagles at Optus. Worst - 2018 Preliminary Final (especially the being verbally abused by Eagles fans and them doing a Mexican Wave in the last quarter). Special mentions to 1998 Prelim and Round 12 in 1998 where Geelong had us in a spliff and only kicked 1.1 for a half…
  12. Me too! I have Eagles mates going to the game on Demon barcodes and all are barracking for Melbourne. I reckon we’ll easily have the crowd on side!
  13. Mum, sister and brother-in-law from Perth all got tickets on my barcode. Brother-in-law is a Collingwood supporter but he’s barracking for the Dees on Friday! ❤️💙
  14. Check your emails Demonlanders. The MFC membership team have sent emails out today so encourage us to give our barcodes to family in friends to go to the game and support on our behalf which is being permitted. I have my mother, sister and brother-in-law going and have sent them two of my old scarfs in the mail. Melbourne members are first in the queue for seats ahead of Eagles and Dockers members tomorrow between 12pm and 4pm. Demon members can purchase 8 tickets max! Didnt think they’d allow that sort of thing but so happy I was wrong!
  15. Cats have slapped up both the Eagles and Dockers this year and we only just beat the Eagles so we will have the neutral crowd. That and we’re the fairytale story… If we do have the crowd surely that’s a +10 free differential out West - lucky we aren’t playing the Doggies lol 😂
  16. I won’t lie I could accept losing a Prelim to the Giants but not to the [censored] Cats. I don’t want to even contemplate it.
  17. Are we not forgetting they played with basically their full squad against the Giants who were missing, Toby Greene, Tom Green, Jessie Hogan, Sam Reid, Xavier O’Halloran, Brent Daniels, Nick Shipley and Braydon Preuss. Yes my MFCSS is in overdrive right now but having said that the Cats were lucky not to face a fully fit Giants outfit and it’s not surprising they won by 35.
  18. I suspect Collingwood would rather have played GWS than Brisbane in their 2019 Prelim…that didn’t work out so well. I think GWS without Greene if suspended and with other injuries from their game will make it hard for them in the Semi. Don’t like playing a side twice in a month when Round 23 felt like a final but I think we’d be good enough to put either side in a spliff if needs be. The more injuries the better is all we can hope for and that their game goes to ET 👍🏻
  19. Really hope he can have dental treatment services to fix that up before the Prelim!
  20. It has been 7,685 days since our last Qualifying Final and I still remember that classic as a 14 year old watching Brad Green run riot against the Blues at the MCG. I’ve never seen a more hungry side. If we bring the heat and the pressure we’ll put the Lions in a spliff. Just hope I don’t do another rage quit before we go on and do a 46 point turn around…🙄 Never have the Lions or Power been given a greater unfair advantage in a finals series. The AFL have done nothing to make this season fair on Melbourne based clubs but the boys are good enough to overcome these challenges. Dees by 22 points - ‘Play On!’
  21. Not to forget that both top 4 teams who lost their QFs last year made the GF.
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