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  1. Met a Western Bulldogs supporter on Saturday evening in Perth. He was equally happy as myself about our teams making Grand Final. He was in his mid 50s, similar to myself and had been through plenty of down times following his club.
  2. I’m very lucky, got to watch a fantastic game last night. Now something to really look forward to.
  3. Neither have I and he loved it
  4. That is so true. Was there felt it. Go Dees
  5. Yesterday fly back tomorrow morning. Better not party to much.
  6. To be at the ground and hear the chant of Gawn Gawn Gawn was amazing.
  7. In the ground you could feel it.
  8. On cloud 9, just left the ground found a place for a glass of Shiraz and contemplate 2 weeks time. Go Dees
  9. The weather 10 min from the ground, passing as I type.
  10. Great to hear. I’ve got the ticket, G2G pass (from SA), flight and accommodation. Just read sold out. Wish all Melbourne members/supporters could be there. Cannot wait till Friday evening. Go Dees
  11. That’s right, that’s why my hotel can be cancelled and my flights changed with no change fee due to COVID-19 restrictions/outbreaks.
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