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  1. We'll have greater problems than just that pick if we're finishing bottom 5 next year.
  2. Would be overs on our end pick-wise. Club would have to be super confident the player they're after would still be available by then.
  3. Just a thought but for us now we might be targeting one of Essendons picks to move up the order. 18 or 19 + 28 equals roughly pick 8 or so. 18 + 19 would get us up to around pick 5. From Mahoney on trade radio today he did mention that he thought some players they had on the radar may slip through to the picks we now have, so we may just sit back and let JT do his work.
  4. We're basically helping out Collingwood with their NGA whilst betting ourselves against a team that still finished top 6 this year. Doesnt seem like a very high reward. Pies wouldnt agree either.
  5. not a chance. why would we trade our future first for those 2 picks, to only send them back to the pies for their future 1st round.
  6. Seems strange that we're doing this all now and not after the conclusion of trade period tonight? Really seems like we're up to something.
  7. Looks like we're going all in on the next 2 years
  8. I think that's all she wrote for us getting players in. Doubt Tmac gets offloaded given Mahoney's talk on Trade Radio, so would think we've set up shop and may entertain some pick swaps once trade period concludes tonight.
  9. The old chicken train is failing to even hit the dartboard on most of these “scoops”
  10. I'd agree, but I dont think the sticking point would be just salary either. We don't have the picks to satisfy Essendon and Dodoro for Saad so it'd seem borderline impossible at this point.
  11. How does 2-3 plodders that would maybe cost 300-400k a piece make us any better when you can go hard for 2 star players that make us immediately better in areas we're clearly most deficient in (Whitfield - wing/hbf, Kelly - wing/outside mid). We're not as light on for depth as you might think, but we lack the match winning players in those areas.
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