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  1. Just now, dazzledavey36 said:

    Retire Brown. Can't afford to carry a player that is constantly missing games each year due to cooked knees.

    I'd happily trade/retire McDonald but he stays purely for depth and being a long time servant of the club they'll want to do the right thing by him.

    I wonder too if we may be waiting to see how things play out this trade period before perhaps paying one of them out.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, BaliDemon said:

    A million bucks plus and two key forward list spots wasted heading into 2024. Both did not contribute meaningfully at all in 2023. Any way you look at it that’s a list management howler. Worse than the Grundy trade if we’re being honest. Who was responsible for it? Will it hamstring our chances to win the flag next year? Should we try to come to an arrangement with at least one of these players to call time on their careers? That’s a hell of a lot of cash allocated to Casey ‘mentors’ and to have sitting in the rehab room. Worth a discussion even if some find it uncomfortable. Elephant in the room stuff for mine. 🏡🐘 



    Current situation is a bummer, but in terms of list management BBB's contract terms got him to us and helped us win a flag, and pretty sure it was reported that TMac's last extension spread his money over more years, providing cap space to lock in our Tracs and Olivers, etc.

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  3. 6 hours ago, WalkingCivilWar said:

    If you truly believe a massive error was made in the non-selection of Grundy, instead of automatically blaming Goody for the decision, consider for a second that it may not have been his choice. Imagine if Grundy himself had decided he didn’t want to be selected for whatever reason and the Club made this public knowledge. What a [censored]-show that would’ve been, right?

    The guy is being paid 20 grand a week! He was attending training, etc. and not injured. It'd be beyond unprofessional for him to declare himself unavailable for senior selection. 

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  4. 34 minutes ago, Demon Dynasty said:

    While we're on the subject, i didn't and probably won't watch the replay but was Nibbler's shot at goal genuinly touched?  The vision on the big screen at the match seemed inconclusive.

    On TV to me it didn't look touched. I didn't see a any finger deflection as the ball passed by the hand. The shadow of the ball quickly passing over the hand may have given the impression it was touched, but I didn't see evidence of physical contact. 

  5. 8 minutes ago, IRW said:

    A Brisbane / GWS..Grand Final would be everything the AFL DONT  want and a celebration for most of the  majority of  the AFL's supporter base


    On that, wouldn't the AFL be relishing the boon a QLD or NSW team's success would have for the growth of the game up there? Particularly a maiden GWS flag? 

    Personally I'd love nothing more than seeing the Pies and blues fall short next weekend.

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  6. 6 minutes ago, Kent said:

    A little bit of self reflection would be ok in my view  I agree that his motherhood statements are just hollow now needs to say it how it is 

    If he is disappointed then he can say it

    He did. Literally the first words of his presser were "I'm feeling like probably every Melbourne supporter and all the players next door there - pretty shattered."

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  7. 1 hour ago, Superunknown said:

    I'm sitting with the in laws and they're calling Pickett a thug and the media beat up over Maynard taking brayshaw flowers “oh they played together as juniors “

    I haven't had my say yet

    [censored] collingwood supporters are on drugs. They literally have no idea 



    Hope you gave 'em both barrels.

  8. 6 May

    5 Gawn

    4 Smith 

    3 Spargo

    2 Lever

    1 Petracca


    -1 viney (undid great work with shockingly predictable last kick)

    -2 Fritsch (needed more)

    -3 Chandler (great early season but faded)

    -4 Pickett (so costly undisciplined acts)

    -5 TMac (sadly not physically able)

    -6 JJ (saw him maybe twice and did f-all)

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  9. 1 minute ago, Little Goffy said:

    Okay. So, I know we made a lot of mistakes but the fact is we were robbed.

    I'm not going to itemize it but geebus there were a lot of obviously slanted calls.

    That said, Tom McDonald has to retire.

    If he doesn't they need to pay him out. We can't afford to plan around him up fwd.

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  10. I'm on the verge of laughing because that outcome was virtually inevitable. Danger signs all year - the Brisbane debacle in rnd 2, the essendon debacle, etc. But in the end the weight of losses of personnel, the inability to get the Grundy combo working and our widespread lack of foot skills did us in - exemplified by Vineys clanger in the dying minutes to turn the ball over and gift them a goal.

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