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  1. 9 minutes ago, Demonland said:


    2 Jake Waterman, 3 Andrew Gaff, 5 Jayden Hunt, 6 Elliot Yeo, 7 Reuben Ginbey, 9 Harley Reid, 11 Tim Kelly, 12 Oscar Allen, 13 Noah Long, 14 Liam Duggan, 15 Jamie Cripps, 16 Luke Edwards, 18 Campbell Chesser, 19 Brady Hough, 21 Jack Petruccelle, 23 Alex Witherden, 25 Matt Flynn (late withdrawal), 28 Tom Cole, 31 Jamaine Jones, 32 Bailey Williams, 34 Jack Williams, 36 Loch Rawlinson, 37 Tom Barrass, 39 Coen Livingstone, 40 Callum Jamieson, 41 Ryan Maric, 43 Tyrell Dewar

    Notable absentees: Jeremy McGovern, Tyler Brockman, Matt Flynn


    1 - Sturt, 2 - O’Meara, 3 - Serong, 4 - Darcy, 6 - Clark, 7 - Fyfe, 8 - Brayshaw, 9 - Jackson, 10 - Walters, 11 - Aish, 12 - Davies, 13 - Ryan, 14 - Sharp, 15 - Hughes, 17 - Brodie, 18 - Emmett, 20 - Taberner, 21 - McDonald, 22 - Knobel, 23 - Worner, 24 - Amiss, 25 - Pearce, 26 - Young, 27 - Jones, 28 - Erasmus, 29 - Simpson, 30 - O’Driscoll, 31 - Walker, 32 - Frederick, 34 - Wagner, 35 - Treacy, 37 - Draper, 38 - Voss, 39 - Switkowski, 40 - Delean, 41 - Banfield, 42 - Reidy, 44 - Johnson, 45 - Williams, 46 - Stanley

    Notable absentees: Heath Chapman, Brennan Cox, Josh Corbett, Ollie Murphy, Sebit Kuek


    Six segments of match simulation

    Mineral Resources Park... there are not enough face palms for how unhelpful these ridiculous sponsor-named venues are.

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  2. 14 minutes ago, Rodney (Balls) Grinter said:


    Incidentally, I don't recall seeing him in the Richmond scratch match in either game.  Is he injured at the moment or did I just miss him.

    Reckon he's got star quality and character written all over him - both things that Gus played with from day dot. 

    Taj was out with concussion.

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  3. 5 hours ago, Kent said:
    BRAYSHAW%20Angus.png Angus Brayshaw Illness TBC
    BROWN%20Ben.png Ben Brown Knee TBC
    FULLARTON%20Tom.png Tom Fullarton Hamstring TBC
    HUNTER%20Lachie.png Lachie Hunter Calf TBC
    MCDONALD%20Tom.png Tom McDonald Calf TBC
    MELKSHAM%20Jake.png Jake Melksham ACL TBC
    MONIZ-WAKEFIELD%20Andy.png Andy Moniz-Wakefield Thigh TBC
    PETTY%20Harrison.png Harrison Petty Toe TBC
    SMITH%20Joel.png Joel Smith Suspension TBC
    SPARGO%20Charlie.png Charlie Spargo Achilles TBC
    WOEWODIN%20Taj.png Taj Woewodin Concussion TBC
    TURNER%20Daniel.png Daniel Turner Stress Fracture 7-9 Weeks



    So the only surety is Turner at 7 to 9 weeks and Kozzie at 1 week

    Christ that's a quarter of our list. And easily 6 players who would be picked in our best 22 if fit too. This season has worrying 2019 vibes.

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  4. 8 minutes ago, ElDiablo14 said:

    Or the "Bloods" and their culture, what is it ?, 2 premierships in the last 20 years? 🤔


    I think it is closer to 2 "Bloods" flags in 90 years. 🤣

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  5. 53 minutes ago, WalkingCivilWar said:

    Perhaps you should’ve chosen the DA tent for your vittles. You wouldn’t have missed a quarter of footy queuing, it would’ve cost significantly less, and the proceeds would’ve gone to the DA instead of a private vendor. Never mind, maybe next time 😉

     BTW, a huge THANK YOU to those who visited our tent for a sausage and/or a cupcake. We absolutely cleaned up. A steady flow of customers for just under five hours, including a three-hour period where we literally did not stop, exceeded expectations. Richmond fans contributed largely to our takings. I’m sure they’re positively chuffed about that. 😅

    The DA tent was fantastic. Swung past for a snag twice, and one of my kids was delighted to devour a "Petracca" cupcake. Thank you WCW and all of the Demon Army for your contribution to today - I hope it was lucrative - and throughout the season.

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  6. 21 minutes ago, Deebymistake said:

    One irritation, Russell Robertson repeatedly kept saying over the mic how state of the art the facilities are at Casey.  Are they really that high class?  Genuine question.  It seemed to be an attempt to appease supporters to me.

    When you're baking in the sun with negligible shading around the ground, queuing for a quarter for a bucket of hot chips, and the scant elevated seating is off limits to the public, that did come across as a bit silly to me. Maybe the Mayor of Casey dropped past at the time.

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  7. 12 hours ago, Sir Why You Little said:

    Pretty much agree there, although i think Greene is becoming a very important Captain. 
    The Dogs lost to West Coast at home last year with a Finals Berth up for grabs 

    Totally unforgivable in my opinion. 
    Bont is a great player, but not the Number 1 Captain 

    Did he get another touch in The GF after Harmesy intercepted? I cannot recall him having any influence at all


    The only thing he did after that was curtail Trac's attempted centre clearance to stop a 4th goal in the final minute of the 3rd.

  8. 52 minutes ago, Jeremy said:

    Weren't they only offering their pick 13 or 14 though? That's no where near enough for him, would rather take the punt on him getting healthy again, that pick would've been pushed out to 20. If they had of offered something better than that you'd think about it but pretty sure they lowballed us 

    Ha, yeah. Offer a player a $7-mil 7yr deal that you only rate as being worth pick 13. Pull the other one Riccuto.

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  9. Kinda wierd to me this persistent narrative that individual players need multiple flags to be considered "greats". Flags are won by teams. Apparently from here Trac could round his career out with a couple of Brownlows and some BnFs to go with his already glittering trophy cabinet, but nope. Apparently it's a 2nd flag or bust.

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  10. 8 minutes ago, loges said:

    Actually watching Fullarton running 3/4 pace last Thursday without any sign of a limp I'd say he'd be a chance if he gets enough practise in 

    Wasn't the discussion with Oliver's hammy last year that even a bad hamstring injury can be run on after a few weeks, it's the full effort running that takes longer to get back?

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