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  1. Well this is turning out to be a total load of crap isn't it! Mental note: When you word your initial post like this, you don't get to use the out of 'oh you know, it's silly season. Things change'. Criticism deserved.
  2. Is another trade thread with a vague title that doesn't mean anything necessary? I can't keep up with all these new trade threads.
  3. I hate Richmond, they can get stuffed
  4. I hope they have as much confidence as you do. Front 4 is great but defence wins leagues and theirs is simply not good enough. Top 3 would be a fair effort, quite a jump to be contenders City and Liverpool won't be knocked out easily.
  5. Come on mate no need to cry , he didn't even mention you. I'm sure you've broken some good stuff here, I've personally never seen it but I'm sure it's happened.
  6. What a complete load of crap. Wiffed about a hundred marks played OK towards the end but for a big money free agent he's a dud.
  7. I'd like to know what the club even think of him, with his running ability why didn't they use him in more tagging roles?
  8. We made the right call. I don't care how little some perceive the action to be it is zero tolerance with these rules. Just like Stack and the other guy should have been sacked. Enough with this crap already, he did well in pre season but forget it good riddance.
  9. Don't expect a substantial answer from that mouth breather.
  10. Agree with all those except Biden beating Trump in the election.
  11. Sorry mate, I know you probably think this place is all about you and your enjoyment but there's others here as well and there's no gun to your head forcing you to read. You're welcome to remove your head from your bum anytime.
  12. I'd prefer to see a team that is desperate to play in big games, not one that looks scared of them.
  13. So you don't think we need our players to be better?
  14. Don't think TV ratings are something they are losing sleep over at the moment, apart from the fact they have plenty more to worry about, ratings are through the roof.
  15. That's probably more the TV networks than the AFL plus it's on Fox so good luck with that.
  16. Cheer up Charlie, not worth getting worked up about.
  17. Two players that don't play his position!
  18. Good job kid, your 4 word posts are just riveting reading.
  19. GWS aint winning. You can all watch it like dorks but I'm outta here
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