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  1. For once i agree with Jeff Kennett the players seem to not get how bad this is! If they don't take a pay cut there might not be any money for them to get paid at all, also the admin staff are about to get reduced dramatically so the players earning in excess of $150-180K really need to be putting there hand up together with the CEOS/Footy managers and coaches basically to save clubs/league in the medium term.
  2. Taylor Walker can so smart he is lucky breath is an inert action or he'd forget! If AFL players want to keep playing isolate them all (players/umpires/coaches etc) right now away from families etc in hotels and bus them to a single venues and play games back to back at the single venue.
  3. expect lay offs in club land shortly as the AFL will have to postponed the season before Thursday. The only real solution around at the moment is to quarantine all the players/club staff and player games at a remote location, effectively for TV only. Otherwise the comp won't go ahead as it has a duty of care and if 1 player gets infected they could expose everyone. The NRL don't have the luxury of being able to sustain a missed/suspended season like the AFL could, note it won't be easy but this is looking like a reality!
  4. AFL will only be able to continue if they isolate staff/players now which probably isn't feasible unless they went old school with Hotel lock in and bus travel! Its doable and the cost to suspend/losse a season might be more than the costs to self isolate all players/staff however the implications of not having to pay/keep paying players in particularly could bankrupt the clubs/league within 8 weeks within in coming revenue and sponsorship/rights fee's claw backs as the clubs have already spend the money
  5. The AFL season will be suspended as will the NRL as the duty of care issue will cost them more if players starting going down with the virus.
  6. It was a done deal on empty stadia earlier this week. The bigger question is around cancellation of games all together as if a player tests positive and has been training/playing against opposition you are half a chance to knock out 6 teams before the first player shows symptoms. Think the codes will end up following the NBA lead and suspend play before round 1
  7. The govern being telling the AFL that this was coming all week and games will be cancelled.
  8. King & McClure are simply looking at history and using that to base a projection moving forward which is fair and reasonable. We had few list changes and are running back effectively the same group that struggled last year and a coaching staff/club who botched the 2019 preseason and a coaches box who where devoid of ideas so plenty of reasons to think it'll be more of the same for the dee's. I think we'll improve this year and bounce back but don't blame outsiders for there views on the club as history has proven the naysayers correct!
  9. The don't want panic to happen as they don't want chaos to happen! You'll get refunded in full so don't stress re tickets but its a done deal but the government are trying to not have society breakdown at this stage.
  10. Its done...expect AFL to play round 1 behind closed doors as with other major events like conferences etc, Government telling all codes this behind closed doors at the moment so expect announcements closer to the dates as they don't want people to panic!
  11. I had the Boss go down and get the house stocked up a few weeks back just in case an Italy type situation arises and goods are locked down as are people.....amazing the things you'll value if it happens here for two weeks!
  12. I'm meant to be heading across to attend the game but think i'll give the airport a wide berth now for a few weeks!
  13. Expect round 1 to be played behind closed doors! Government to ban large gatherings in the coming days. Corona is out there so its about limiting/slowing as its can not be contained any longer!
  14. In respect of game style/plan we'll really know when the pressure comes on! Do we have a plan B and can Goody adjust mid game and react to other coaches moves which has so far been a major weakness of his coaching groups. Other Factors to consider: Last year we weren't fit enough and our preseason wasn't AFL standard that's on Goody, he has made the changes to staff and hopefully we see results from this, if we don't then Goody's last game will be Queens Birthday!
  15. Its been a repeated mistake over 8 years! Ole mate Ken Wood obviously isn't looking to hard!
  16. The 65+ demographic is pretty big in this country....
  17. The morality rate overall isn't high but its the demographics of it that will hurt the Aussie population
  18. Jack is finally fit again and had a good pre season so lets all hope for a bounce back to the old Jack this year. Foot injuries take alot of time to get over particularly for a hard running mid fielder who needs to cover ground and get to as many contests as Jack does to have an impact.
  19. I thought we might see some of Lockhart down back this year as a bit of an understudy to Jetta.
  20. The china games was the biggest junket for AFL and club officials anyway so not really a great loss.
  21. All major sports/league have been given the heads up from Canberra that should any outbreak occur in Australia they'll be told to postpone the season or at best play in empty stadiums. We joke but this is a major issue now and as they are winter sports a flu season the only winner might be Kayo! Do we get a membership refund if we can't get access to games?
  22. hearing the contingency is empty stadiums like the HK races. Effectively essential personnel only. It would probably be easier to just maintain the China travel ban thou as i'd hate to miss out on the footy.
  23. perhaps the sites I'm referring to have two legs
  24. The club are very close on a deal, watch this space. It was only included in the "plan" because of our close this deal is to being announced. It will be a great community facility/hub similar to those of other clubs as its the only way we are getting it over the line.
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