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  1. He is right. There is plenty of evidence that the Melbourne brand is soft and badly managed.
  2. I am a bit surprised that Prusss was not picked. On about $500,000 a game he is our most expensive player. Just looking at the teams, I think the Dees might win this one. We just have too many players that should win their positions. I think it will be an ugly game though.
  3. If we win this game I will be surprised. Such poor selections make me wonder if we are tanking so North get a better pick. I can't see how we are going to kick enough goals to win. We might fall over the line because we are playing the crows but I would not be surprised if they get a run on and win. Poor outs and poor ins.
  4. nonsense AvB has been close to our most unproductive in every game he has played this year. He adds hardness but his disposal is awful, not a good example for youngsters. What youngsters? we only have 2. Bennell can only last a couple of quarters and is not fit enough. Pckett has been picked a couple of games this year ahead of Bennell. Pickett has upside and has earned his place, he does not need Bennell for a mentor.
  5. Nonsense Jackson is yet to take a contested mark and is yet to kick a set shot goal. These are not the skills to get a game in any forward line. Jackson was a waste of a draft pick as we don't need his best skills. He s a project player and will not have much to offer for 4-5 years. There were better ready to go picks. Worse than picking him the first place is playing him too early. It would seem that the powers that be want to prove he was the best pick. Nobody is convinced he is a player that will make our team better in a in a hurry, he is a passenger not a play-maker. I doubt he will get a
  6. I agree we have done well turning lower picks into football careers. What we are really bad at is trading. They always see us coming. We overpay our way out of high draft picks. We pay too much for May, Pruess, Leaver, Langdon, Tomlinson.
  7. I don't agree and I will be very surprised if Jackson is in the team next week. That is of course if there is anybody in our footy dept with a football brain. We were top heavy and Jackson does not do enough.
  8. I think you can read what I have said. He took a contested mark, something Jackson is yet to do.TMac was much more useful and has experience. What did Jackson do?
  9. The whole team was abysmal vs Port. Weid was ordinary for the second week in a row. Jackson was our most unproductive tall. At least TMac can take a contested mark and can kick a set shot goal. I did not mention dropping TMac, sorry if you don't like my opinion.
  10. The first one to drop is Jackson. He is not an AFL player yet and may not be for 3-4 years. He just does not do enough and we lose a runner if we play Jackson as only second ruck because that is all he can be relied on to do. If Jackson wants a place in this team he has to be able to take contested marks and kick set shot goals regularly. We will continue to lose if we insist he is ready to play. Jackson should not have been in last week's team, while he didn't do anything wrong the only thing he did right was play in a winning team. To pick him vs Port and go in with three talls was st
  11. When has TMac failed in the wet? When has Jackson dominated an AFL game on a wet or dry ground? I get you are a Jackson fan but he is a project player and does not offer much at the moment.
  12. TMac has form and experience. I can't pick out one Lions player who we could expect Jackson to beat or a position he could win. I don't think we will win today because we can't afford to wait and see if Jackson can play in the wet. TMac has played good wet weather football. If we are picking players on their colt form we will lose. I am happy to wait and see but I think the Lions will win today.
  13. We don't need 2 rucks, the Lions are going in with one part time ruck. Jackson is quick for a big guy, he is not quick and there is questions over his endurance. Jackson has only proved he is a ruck. TMac has taken a mark and kicked a goal this year, Jackson is yet to do that. I doubt Jackson will be quick enough to get a tackle today. In few hours we will know. Win or lose Jackson will not be a factor. Tmac has better form at being a game breaker.
  14. A wet track is a big equaliser. Agility is not as much of a factor. I am sure Tmac would beat Jackson in a sprint and with endurance. On a wet ground Jackson will reduce our mobility and I think that is a bigger issue. The Lions have run to burn. Jackson is yet to kick a goal from a mark. The more Jackson has to run the slower he gets, more so in the wet. Jackson won't be more agile if he can't get to contests.
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