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  1. Ben Brown and that [censored] run up? does my [censored] head in. The day Ben Brown is recruited by Melbourne? is the day I cancel my membership...[censored] that Clown
  2. How the F is that 15m, and that one, and that one, and that one?
  3. It might be all off after this game, South Aus just closed the border, anyone coming in must self isolate for 2 weeks
  4. For anyone who has already recieved the code, was it a unique code or did it look like a generic dicount code?
  5. hahaha Well played. It must have been a frustrating day, I still liked the kid
  6. What team in their right mind trades their fastest speedster?. It'll finally click for Frost within a couple of years, and he's going to embarrass us when we meet Hawthorn. Honestly, all the best Frosty.
  7. I'll renew it at some point, but mass pain to have to call because of no option to opt out online...Go Dees!
  8. As long as we aim it straight at the goal, the wind should direct it back towards goal
  9. Should be easier to kick goals today with the heavy wind fixing our inaccuracy
  10. Coz we just f-ing have to, ride or die brotha, ride or die
  11. A Friday or Saturday night game against an interstate club is just plain ridiculous, we dont have the membership numbers to warrant it.
  12. Yeah, and why was there a bloody Eagle? Lol
  13. I actually blame Viney for that one, he never should have made himself a handballing option, we've done this all season
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