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  1. It was won at the great Aussie beer shed in Echuca. How random is that. Anyway wouldn’t it be awesome to have some new premiership memorabilia. Here’s hoping
  2. No actually the name relates to something else. I like your way of thinking though too clever for me. Yep 3 years is about right for some players to step up. If they don’t new players will come through
  3. Oliver out will give good game time to Sparrow Jordan. I want to see what they have. If they have decent games should play rd 1. Bowey Laurie aswell although prob not rd 1 with players to return
  4. Just wanted to share what I won in a raffle today. Perfect to keep the beers cold although I could never useday
  5. Excellent a key player in the backline for years to come
  6. Hey I would like to join a league. Been playing SuperCoach for a while finished in top 5000 a few times. Just put me wherever you see fit cheers
  7. Of course my 1st post and I made a rookie mistake. Should always double check team b4 posting. Bradshaw should obviously be in best team but is he ready for round 1?
  8. Ok so this is my 1st post hey to all.I’ve been a frequent guest for years now. To me this is an exceptionally important year prop most in a while although I’ve thought this before. If all goes well i expect to play finals. anyway my 1st round team b: hunt may lever hb: salem tomlinson rivers c: langdon oliver baker hf: petracca MacDonald spargo f: fritsch jackson chandler foll: gawn jordan viney int: sparrow jones nibbler jetta emg petty brayshaw jetta bowey prob same as most teams A few points. Jones needs to play early hunt tomlinson need to start well maybe replaced by jetta hibberd petty after a few games baker to start bowey putting pressure on chandler maybe if pickett doesn’t play jordan sparrow in middle need to get serious game time anyway thoughts
  9. Hey new to demonland looking for a league to join if not too late cheers Team name unsullied
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