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  1. Depending on how Harry Petty's sprained ankle pulls up in the next few days he may or may not be available next week. What did you guys make of his game today? Are you convinced that he can be turned into a forward? It just doesn't seem to be paying dividends. What other options do we have?
  2. Just wondering how much effect the Lever injury had on our fortunes in the game. I know the Eagles got out to a hot start against us even before Jake went off with concussion but I thought that maybe we could have righted the ship as we've had some similar slow starts and clawed our way back into contests once we settle. Having Lever off really unsettled us down back and we never recovered once we lost once of our best weapons in our interceptor. What do you guys think?
  3. Assume Goody mean that McAdam will be playing in the VFL this week which is on Sunday and then the Carlton game is on the Thursday so only a 4 day break for McAdam meaning he would be no chance for the Blues game off 4 days given his current injury history. He has to play in the 2s this week because he was on limited minutes in the 2s last week and he has to be able to prove he can get through a full game before playing in the 1s. Unless of course they start by using him as a sub.
  4. I'll echo the sentiments about loving the podcast and really grateful to you guys for all the work you put into it. Do you guys think Kozzy needs to adjust the way he plays in terms of aggression when bumping. I love the hardness but he has to learn that if he is going to bump he can't leave the ground and he absolutely can't lift the elbow. I was hoping that the incident would be graded as low impact but the late lifting of the elbow probably ruled that out. I hope we appeal to attempt to downgrade it to low impact and maybe he can escape with a fine. By the time you read this on the air we will know whether the club will contest it. However given the new rules I doubt Kozzy will get off. It's a shame because the hit was silly and may cost us against the Lions.
  5. Shoutout to the amazing Demonland Trackwatchers in Victoria and now in South Australia. Reports from Mondays session has Chandler once again heavily strapped. He came off during the match and went down to the rooms before coming back on and completing the match. There were a few other saw bodies observed with Trac reported to not look 100%. He landed awkwardly during the game and came off for a little bit before resuming. TMac was observed with strapping and was wearing runners at training. BBB was on light duties as he has previously reported as doing for training. He's played 3 games in a row now and has a 5 day break until the next match. The May injury certainly scuttled any plans we had of nursing him through to the bye. Then there is the news that Clarry's hand will be x-rayed each week to monitor it. Similar question re: changes and managing Benny Brown so I won't repeat it other than to ask would we rest or manage anyone this week? The training report mentioned Koltyn Tholstrup being flown up. Do you reckon he could be a sneaky chance for a debut should Chin or Trac not get up? Unleash the Kolt 39
  6. Petracca was absolutely huge in this match. Some of his work out of the middle to pin point passes to JVR and Fritsch were just phenomenal. His goal off one step from just inside 50 was immense. He is an absolute bull. The Hawks chose to target Clarry, who still had a solid game, but all that did was allow Trac to get off the leash.
  7. 6. Petracca 5. Fritsch 4. Langdon 3. Neal-Bullen 2. Gawn 1. Sparrow
  8. Our forward line seemed more functional with Ben Brown in it. Not only in the 50m arc but taking marks up the line too. We simply don't get that same thing from Schache. Having said that he seems to be being held together with tape and it might only be a matter of time before his knee blows. hopefully not soon. I understand he doesn't do much training in particular the contact stuff. Can he play the entire season because I would love to have him come finals? What should our plan for nursing Big Benny Brown through the season?
  9. We simply should not consider dropping Sparrow. Didn't have the greatest of games this week but you don't through the baby out with the bathwater. Also don't drink bathwater
  10. 6. Oliver 5. Gawn 4. May 3. McDonald 2. Chandler 1. Billings
  11. Thanks for the training report and comments @kev martin
  12. How did the panel see the games of our debutants, Windsor and Howes? And also Billings once he was subbed in?
  13. This is the first time the Dees have played back to back games at the Sydney Cricket Ground since 2001/2002. Unless I make a rare trip to Melbourne these days I don't get to see my Demons play live very often so I am pumped for this game. Sitting with the corporates this time so I'll be the loudest one in my section. Most of my colleagues have zero idea about footy. Could get ugly. Go Dees.
  14. Surprised that there hasn't been more hype surrounding the Rematch of the Century in Gawn vs Grundy. Who wins the battle?
  15. My question is for @binman and hopefully he can find the stats from this game but that will probably be difficult. We seemed to get murdered on the Turnover today. It seemed that a lot of their scores were generated on the Turnover. We on the other hand could not capitalise on our Turnovers. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
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