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  1. With all the talent the dogs have coming through we have no chance.
  2. Time to give Jackson a rest and let weideman play that role. Spargo would have to be close to being dropped.
  3. Good, we need to get back into our winning ways.
  4. I found a couple of positives from tonight. One, we can’t play much worse than that. Two, percentage shouldn’t play any part for the remainder of the season.
  5. Giving away so many sloppy free kicks.
  6. Hawks on fire. Just kicking shockers into the forward 50 and its working beautifully
  7. Looking like a loss coming up against another bottom 6 side.
  8. Nelo

    Ladder Watch

    Need the saints to win today and top 4 is locked in.
  9. Nelo

    Ladder Watch

    I did the ladder predictor but changed the WCE and Bulldogs games to a loss, along with a loss against Geelong. It has us finishing 3rd and playing Bulldogs in the first final.
  10. The standard of games are really crappy again. So much for high scoring games. They are long gone.
  11. Yep I watched one quarter last night and that was one quarter too much.
  12. Andrew's on fire. We will miss out on him under NGA.
  13. No, why would I bother making up stuff. Listen to the radio and social media and you will see I'm not making it up.
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