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  1. If you look at the 2014 AFL draft GWS had a mare. The only really good player was Steele who they gave away.
  2. Josh kelly would have been one of the most overrated players.
  3. Think Oliver will be the next to 300, pretty robust.
  4. Like most ANB. I thought his kicking was horrible. Massive improvement so I tip my lid to you.
  5. Amazing. Not even lucked. Hit the post on one and missed a very gettable set shot.
  6. yep it's about 10k now to get a 40ft container from China.
  7. What a terrible article, couldn't be so far off the mark. Even before winning the flag I would have disagreed with so many of those points.
  8. Yep I liked the look of Smith from a few Casey games I saw.
  9. Fantastic, historically we have proven even top 10 picks are hard to nail, so hats off Jason.
  10. How different this is from 5 years ago when we would struggle to come up with an appropriate captain. There is probably half a dozen now that could step up.
  11. I did hear Garry Lyon this morning on the radio and said he was gone and that either Adelaide or Port would sign him up.
  12. Any budgie smugglers available yet?
  13. Thanks heaps for the link.
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