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  1. Thanks heaps for the link.
  2. Good move. I think he still has upside, plus we would have basically given him away for nothing. Keep him hungry and motivated and we might see a turnaround.
  3. No Roger he doesn't fit the Geelong profile, far too young.
  4. I have a brother in qld that wants to fly to perth to watch the Dees. Looking to buy a ticket if anyone is willing to sell.
  5. Unless there is an injury hunt is no chance for the GF. Too bigger break now. Shame that he will miss out on a medal.
  6. Surely Melbourne wouldn't go to the effort of trying to convince Cerra to join us if they didn't think a trade was possible. They will make it happen if he decides to join.
  7. Hunt is fit, I think we need to play him to get prepared for the small forwards of Port.
  8. Pretty amazing. Only Baker a fail from that list. Obviously too early to tell for Laurie and Rosman.
  9. Thanks for the info. Certainly knows how to find the ball.
  10. Ok thanks. For a qualified journalist thought the question was pretty ordinary.
  11. I apologise if I got the wrong journalist but the question was along the lines of this "what would the shape of the game look like if Jeremy Cameron was playing for GWS and not for Geelong". After 120mins of an AFL game that was the best question he could come up with.
  12. Damien Barrett is painful. Jay Clark is trying to have a crack at the title after that stupid question to Chris Scott in the after match press conference.
  13. Geelong hold no fears. Expecting a 5 goal + result.
  14. Who was 36 for giants? How can someone at afl kick a ball like that
  15. One hammy down, another 5 to go.
  16. Geelong will be resting their four best players by 3 qtr time.
  17. Let’s hope for plenty of injuries tonight. Nothing serious, just a few hamstring or calf injuries.
  18. Hogan always injured. Will never play more than 15 games in a season.
  19. Perth confirmed and looks like the pre GF bye is in place.
  20. The package has been lost in transit.
  21. Can’t stand the bombers supporters. They boo every decision. Seem recall them constantly doing that against melb too.
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