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  1. This is probably one for some of us more mature Demons-but what are your memories of players skilled and proficient with drop kicks.? I have wonderful memories of the great Tassie Johnson kicking out from goal and consistently landing them around the centre circle. And the roving Ian Ridley seems to relish the drop kick as well. I have a feeling Trevor Johnson maybe?? Keen to hear others memories. With other clubs, I remember Billy Barrot for Richmond and perhaps Fred Swift at Full back and Geelong CHB named Walker?
  2. Wonder if ye olde Chook Fowler (Number12) is unconsciously egging people on to contribute these posts. No more from me..:)
  3. I trust we wouldn't be accused of poaching?
  4. Funny you mentioned him Ohio-I was only thinking about him a couple of weeks ago and wondering hy his career was so short..I still have a clear picture of him from Footy Replay (In Black and White of course!) rucking a boundary throw in near the members wing- and he never seemed to play a game after that.
  5. Thanks for the memories Blair-both when playing against us and with us. :)
  6. I would be keen to keep Hannan too Dr D.
  7. Great post Farmer. I enjoyed the memories you share very much. We seem to have had quite a few players who moved on a bit too early. The days of low player payments meant that an offer of coaching interstate or a country club in Victoria must have been enticing. Hassa Mann was one amongst quite a few. Players also seemed to retire earlier than today too..like at 28-29. Maybe the medical expertise wasn't there back then to help them play on. I remember sitting with Dad in the old Bay 13 on the wing. INnthe early 60's they changed the numbering system and it became Bay 15. We sat ups
  8. Yes you make a good point Moonshadow. I guess I was thinking that if Tom McDonald and maybe Jetta were part of the two way package trade , that might free up some $ in the finances.
  9. Is Mason Cox an option..maybe as part of a two way package deal?
  10. If the Pies are so desperate for a number of reasons, should we be considering Mason Cox? Could not only be a back up option if Max gets injured but free him up during games to go down back or forward where he can be very hard to match up on. Might be able to negotiate a package with some of the other players who are being talked about from both clubs?
  11. There will be a few others on this site around the same age as me. I was born in 1950 and saw my first game around 1955-56. Dad pointed out Ivor Warne Smith and the Cordner brothers. I think it was a week or two later I wanted to go to the footy again but Dad (Jack) said no- so I decided to drive there myself- not that I had any idea of how to drive let alone how to navigate to the MCG from Ashburton!! Ha Ha ! I only succeeded in rolling Dads car down the driveway and smashing the front headlight on his car--not a Happy Jack! Despite the harshness of the last 56 years, I lived throug
  12. Yes Bluey had a great career WJ- and didn't seem too damaged by the Des Healey crash. I loved the fact that he could play both wing, with Brian Dixon on the other, as well as roving/forward pocket swapping with Ian Ridley. Those were great days.
  13. I can still see that Number 6 of Bluey Adams with red hair passing to Barassi or Big Bob Johnson-or a host of other great players Old memories die hard. Maybe my memories of the great Bluey Adams on the wing are colouring my view (and glasses) Roost It :)
  14. Re Baker-I disagree Roost it. I respect where you are coming from butmaybe at another club he might have developed and come on sooner...but to me he has had limited opportunities and in a side that has been struggling. I.agree with Deemania. To me he is a "Keep and develop." He has attributes- maybe Yze could be part of developing him into a complete player and an integral part of the plan and the team. I reckon he has a good, keen attitude and attack on the ball and can find opportunities in crowded space and elsewhere....A bit of thoughtful work with him could pay dividends in my view.
  15. Good on you Billy and Mono. Yes there is a world of difference between objective, informed critiquing and denigration.
  16. I agree with you Deanox. Well said.
  17. Can anyone else remember another time when Hassa got us into the finals. If my memory serves me correctly it was at The MCG and he took a diving mark and kicked a goal that got us into the finals?
  18. Yes John Townsend N0 16. Great rover and goal kicker. Same he hurt his knoee on t at overseas trip. A great roving combination with Ken Emselle. No 10. I think I also remember Hassa getting shirtfronted at the old South Melbourne Lakeside oval.
  19. Yep WJ -at my age I'm doing a lot of "going back". Some precious memories there-like Hassa Mann's goal. Was reading tonight that Henry Coles had a punch up with Captain Coach Carl Ditterich in the change rooms one day- some interesting history I wasn't aware of- I couldn't see myself taking on Carl! :)
  20. Hi Leopold. Its going back a fair way, but Henry Coles was one-I felt he was a win and was a good player for us. Vic State player and leading goalkicker 1978.
  21. Good post Dee-Nee. What a great player. Could play centre, half forward or as a rover-great captain. Yes I remember that goal-did he actually mark that ball? I seem to remember it was a line ball decision and the umpire might not have had a good view? It was great kick though.
  22. Hi Undeeterred. Yes I "Let it go" a long time ago. That doesn't say at times when you think back that there are still no painful memories. As I said, RDB had every right to leave the way he was treated. But as a 14 year old then it hurt- so I understand and accept that a part of me still feels a bit of pain-but I still love the guy and would love to have sit down coffee and chat with him before or after I pass through the pearly gates.
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