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  1. Melky is done as an afl player,play a kid with potential rather than a burnt out hack
  2. Just cut to the chase and get a room ,you 2
  3. Love to know whats up with May ,resting an AA back is not ideal but he looks like he needs it.He was out of sorts last night for sure
  4. how do you know that,weid seems to me to be very competitive.Guess you think useing your elbows to maim so one is being very competitive
  5. umm 34 goals in 2009 is not that good for a key forward,weid has not had the chance to play or opportunity to play the same amount of games,big players take time to muture some at different stages of their lives.Hawkins got to play in a team that could afford the time to let him mature and grow
  6. As long as it takes.It took Hawkins until he was about 26/27 to really start performing ,I think that is why he is playing into his 30s
  7. No.If its not broken dont fix it
  8. would never want a racist dog like walker at mfc
  9. Often wonder who he was pointing to after he kick the his goal in the GF
  10. Do not go with the mental health crap.Oh dear i only made $mil this last 6 months playing footy,I want to go home mummy
  11. Must be true,Snowy on the trams told me he dropped Elvis off there
  12. Just a catch up coffee with some mates
  13. The other teams will drop games as well ,so there is no rhyme or reason to your thoughts .Anyway i dont think we will drop a game,Viney set a new level for the rest of the players to follow on thursday
  14. weid go back to casey ,just cost us 2 goals
  15. Cant wait for this game tonight.Really feel it is a season defining game. Who stands up when it counts
  16. Take a BEX and have a good lay down
  17. Ok so its ok to do anything you want these days and if you get caught out just play the mental health card,for christs sake .Like a killer saying its the victims fault ,if he wasnt there i would not have shot him
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