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  1. I think it’ll only be Viney for Harmes. I wouldn’t mind bringing in another small forward. Likely Chandler. Possibly Bedford. Not sure that’ll happen unless they make Jones 23rd player. I thought Jones was ok last week and doesn’t deserve to be dropped. But I can see him playing 23rd man at times.
  2. Absolutely. And I’d assume that’s what will happen if he’s not listed by us.
  3. With the new standing the mark rule. I can see teams using players with pace i.e. Bowey and Hunt as runners off half back taking a handball and running. The player on the mark can’t even attempt to block it.
  4. Good chance for Bowey or Laurie to get a half forward spot. I was hoping Melksham would find some form the year to. Very important when he’s on.
  5. I like it. Now Weideman and Brown are injured we need mature key position player backup. Bonus is he can play either end or ruck.
  6. From what I saw at training a couple of weeks ago and what I’m reading Spargo seems a certain starter. He played some good footy last year to. In his under 16 year he was tipped to top 10 from memory but had injuries after that.
  7. From what I’ve read here and seen on Friday seems Petracca is leaving nothing out on the track.
  8. IMO Pies just offloaded a whole heap of $. Not due to clearing space. Actually due to being well over the cap hence the bargain trade deals for Treloar Stephenson and Phillips. No doubt they’ll be into Petracca. I think Petracca is built for finals footy and if we don’t start making them then he’s a risk to leave. But are Collingwood in a better position? I don’t think so. Not unless they end up absolutely nailing the 2020 draft.
  9. He was training. But I didn’t notice too much of him.
  10. I am 100% confident he trained pre match sim with the whole group. I thought he was involved in match sim. I thought playing key defender for the B team. I could be wrong though.
  11. Yep ANB played played in the blue team. Played well to.
  12. Vanders was there. He trained but I think may have missed match sim.
  13. Had a look down at Casey today for training. I’m not the best training observer and the view wasn’t the best as you have to stand on the outside fence. So can’t go up to the boundary. Trac hasn’t missed a beat. Dominated the match practice. Played through the midfield. Ben Brown presented well and kicked a couple if not more. A big unit and as expected has long run up. Fritsch looked sharp up forward. Tmac played mainly a high half forward role I thought. Turns out wing/forward. Got a bit of it and looked to be moving well. James Jordon played through the midfield in what se
  14. I did see a news snippet saying basically Brayshaw the only player in rehab.
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