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  1. Thank-you Young William. I was unaware that the initial push for an MFC home at Jolimont (Yarra Park) in 2018 coincided with the Victorian State Election and subsequent political shenanigans. How unfortunate. The next Victorian State Election is set in stone for Saturday 26 November 2022. Much has surely changed politically since then, especially since 2020 and CoVid. That gives 19 months before the next Victorian State Election. A large window for advocates of an MFC home at Jolimont (Yarra Park) to again push their case prior to another electoral "interference". In holding fast to what we wa
  2. Thank-you Chookrat. I'm glad we agree that Jolimont remains as the best home for the MFC. I am heartened you say that this proposal has not been ruled out. The link to the relevant article regarding the proposal for an MFC Jolimont Home is again shared below. I hope with all my heart it succeeds! https://turfmate.com.au/melbourne-football-club-pitches-plan-for-new-headquarters/
  3. That's a conspiracy theory at best. But my question remains: where is the proof that Jolimont has been ruled out as a home for the MFC?
  4. Thanks IHW. Is this the article from the Age to which you refer? Its from 2018: https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/concept-to-build-new-melbourne-headquarters-in-early-stages-20180620-p4zmnj.html Still no confirmation that Jolimont has been ruled out as a home for the MFC. I still think Jolimont is by far the best option.
  5. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/910978/contract-extension-happy-as-clarry?videoId=910978&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1618378673001 Never in Doubt Love all the boys, all the staff Winning culture Boys are maturing Hunting the opposition Having fun. Clarry's heart beats true.
  6. What is the source of your confirmation? (Have asked Danny Z and old d the same question)
  7. What is your source for this? (Also asked Danny Z the same...)
  8. What is your source for this info?
  9. Fritch must be spewing! He has really stepped up, found some great form and started kicking straight. May also would be feeling the same. I hope the team lifts for both these guys and really takes it out on the Hawks on Sunday.
  10. Can you confirm Jolimont has been ruled out? If not, surely this is the best place for an MFC home.
  11. A walk across the park to celebrate at Jolimont after a win at the MCG would be awesome! Anyone know how the negotiations for the below are going? https://turfmate.com.au/melbourne-football-club-pitches-plan-for-new-headquarters/
  12. Totally agree with you. I just listened to the end of that interview too. Mark Williams has earned and deserves respect.
  13. I was at that game. Port coached by Mark Williams won their first flag and in doing so famously stopped Brisbane from winning 4 premierships in a row. Goody's also scaled that mountain, twice in '97 & '98 when he played with Adelaide. Williams & Goody: success breeds success - good things ahead for the Dees me thinks...
  14. Excellent News! Hunt by name and Hunt by nature - his speed, accuracy and tenacity this year is stunning. Let's hope this trend on re-signing our players continues...
  15. Excellent news, and great timing. Others signings to follow Clarry's lead please!
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