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  1. Onya Gus! Really happy that you decided to stay a Demon.
  2. The inequity of this is so sus. It sucks. Really should be some sort of enquiry into this.
  3. Agreed, although I think adding blue socks would be a nice touch. Might as well go for the perfect visual blur between teams and umps.
  4. North seriously soft against the Cats tonight. Disappointing. They were seriously physical against us at Docklands a few weeks ago. Just ask Langdon and Macca. North seem to have given up tonight.
  5. Mordor - that's funny! I've got my ticket, can't wait for Thursday night. Looking forward to sitting and barracking shoulder to shoulder with two bays full of faithful Dees supporters at Mordor on Thursday night.
  6. So many gutsy saves in the goal square. What a champion. Unforgettable.
  7. That's terrible if the seats in the 2 bays set aside for the Cats v Dees game for Melbourne supporters are only 20% sold! How did you find that out? If it's true then the MFC really should advertise to supporters better.
  8. Wanting to go to the Cats v Dees game on 7 July - so keen to see the Dees win down there with my own eyes, I tried in vain to buy a ticket on Ticketmaster. The site said none available. Ticketmaster really do make it difficult to purchase tickets... I rang the MFC and they were super helpful. They gave me a link and a code word. The link took me straight where I needed to enter the codeword and boom - $63 later and I've got a ticket. Can't wait.
  9. Thanks for being a Demon Majak. All the best for the future.
  10. Loved the run from centre bounces and the relentless manic pressure last night. Reminded me of last year's finals...
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