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  1. This! https://www.theroar.com.au/2023/09/07/finals-fix-magic-magpies-expose-dees-massive-flaw-but-heres-why-they-should-have-to-win-it-all-without-maynard/
  2. From the footage I saw this arvo, it looked like McMartin stage dived.
  3. I've just watched a heap of different angles on myheartbeatstrue insta page. The Collingwood player flopped. It was a complete act. Can anyone post footage of it?
  4. I'd say it's not a fun league anymore. Still love the game.
  5. Go swannies. Somehow some way. Hoping on other results. The demon way.
  6. Yeah you wonder about the toll on their bodies having to slam into pack marks continuosly versus leading into space to mark bullet passes where middies have lowered their eyes.
  7. I sat down to a nice lunch next to a table full of marketing types and I'm positive they were from the AFL. Weren't sure who was playing who, had to get it straight. Some went to bed before the finish. Surprised it was close. Couldn't pronounce that forward guys name from Melbourne, starts with F No talk about the fans, all about protecting financial partners interests. Trying to project their plans based on who is going to win this weekend. Definitely Brisbane by the sounds of it. We are invested deep in a corporate entertainment industry. If I lived in Melbourne, I'd seriously spend my time at aflw games. Where it's laid back and uncrowded. Last night's game soured it for me. It's not relaxing or enjoyable like watching footy should be. Watching pies fans get abusive at us after they win and watching a kid in tears with his dad because of it is not what this "product" should be about. One of the branding experts said they had just three bits of feedback from last night's game. One of them was about Gawn wrestling someone to the ground. They thought it was funny. Maynard will get off I reckon. It's good to have a villain / hero on the field. Makes for great media and theatre.
  8. End of the game. Why create more work for yourself I guess.
  9. We've had a plan for 7 years! Left hand flank to Gawn
  10. Loved the replays at the ground of Maynard driving his shoulder into Gus's head. They'd show the lead up to the collision and then cut to a Collingwood FC ad to hide the vision of it. It's a sad day today. Blew a golden opportunity for a flag and we may have lost one of our bravest players. Thoughts with him and his family today.
  11. Yeah, watched a pies supporter just screaming at demons supporters around him at the end of the game. Continually screaming f off C**TS. Really aggressive. The cops nearby just rolled their eyes. Such humility and grace in victory. Club culture.
  12. It's weird because we've all been having this conversation for years. The pressure backs off a little and we get cleaner and Fritta etc get decent opportunities. But then, pressure comes on and we revert to dumping and bombing again. It's been so plain to see for a number of years now
  13. Yep, another kpf for sure but it's the shambolic nature of how we deliver it. Made the trip south to watch the game and generally speaking, we turn to water when under pressure and just hack it forward. Props to Collingwood for their pressure early. You could see us trying to take on the corridor later in the game but we've got to fix the offensive nature and process of the game coming off halfback. Remember the days when we had great dashing runs from Langdon etc? Our forward system and delivery is Pus. Also, who posted that analysis last week about Melbourne winning just through the pure volume of forward entries?
  14. I think kicking in very blustery conditions could decide the game. Who can get them in close where the shots will be more accurate?
  15. I haven't taken them off! They smell like the Collingwood cheer squad. 😜
  16. It's held in the entertainment precinct through fortitude valley. About 15 venues running simultaneously. 150 bands over 3 nights. It's Disneyland with bands! Like a smaller version of South by Southwest Enjoy those beers
  17. Just got home with the wife from Bigsound in Brisbane. Great night out as always. Best festival in Australia On to a plane tomorrow and down to the G. Our first 90+ crowd. Can't wait. Go Dees
  18. I'm a big fan of Abbe May and she did the opening riff to thunderstruck while standing on the stadium roof in Perth for the 2021 Granny. She's terrified of heights and reiterated how she had to nail that opening riff live with the band in the centre circle. Gutsy stuff and she nailed it.
  19. My wife and I flying 8n from Brisbane Thursday arvo. Can't wait
  20. It's amazing the perception still out there on sookbook with nuffies banging on about the poor standard of play. I think the AFL will have to keep pushing highlight packages showing the great passages of play that are a lot more common now with the women's game. If the crowds keep growing like they are, eventually it's got to convert to more people following the league and tuning in. I guess nuffies will always be nuffies.
  21. Thanks @Palace Dees I reckon this is the first time in 50 odd years of supporting the Dees, that we have a team that would be truly feared by all teams in the comp. Not one player left for another club. They are such a cohesive unit now. I think they're going to smash the competition this year.
  22. So good to hear @binman The girl's enthusiasm and sense of enjoyment playing footy is really quite infectious. I'm sure your daughter will get hooked on our team.
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