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  1. I'm of the opposite view. The club has been a laughing stock for over 50 years,nearly merging,dishing up years like 2019 & all through it we have chased choir boys with no fight in them or no fight. We can't get any lower than we are & I couldn't care if we recruited murderers,I want results & nothing else
  2. Yeah Viney isnt a B+,his skill level is average & not a great decision maker. KK & Fritsch are C at best. Oscar can go below a C for mine
  3. Its funny i got banned last year on this site for saying Jesses was an idiot,would never be any good,had off field issues & it ran deeper than onfield performance etc.I said straight out there were issues & that he was a pea heart,but got bagged. Where are all the rose coloured glass wearing fools now?
  4. There is no basis at all to say that he will actually achieve a game either.He's a guy they want to play in U18s,yet hes over aged & weighs 90kg,i was that at age 15 & only 180cm.He is as stick & will be another 5+ years of pre seasons before hes even physically strong enough to compete at that level. Lots of guys who have had a better footy upbringing than him who have never achieved a game so im just being realistic
  5. Not saying there is a better option at this time of year or that Jay Lockhart was a bad pick.I just think Preuss is very average & even North didnt want him.And Bradtke more than likely wont ever play an AFL game
  6. Because Bradtke may never even play a game of AFL.He is that far off AFL level that they have even asked if he can play U18s.Preuss is also pretty average & hate to say it but Gawn at some stage will cop an injury or 2
  7. I get the negative comments like....this is a tipping point,this will be the end,old timers would be upset etc etc. But look at the facts.All th ee negative people will still support the game,still attend & do exactly as the AFL want.I mean the old timers even from as little as 10 years ago would be devestated at how soft the game has become & how americanised it has become.It gets weaker by the day,the rules change constantly yet everyone falls for it & keeps shelling out money.There will be more themed rounds,more AFLX type garbage & even though now there are no good hits,hip & shoulders etc in 10 years time you wont even be able to tackle yet the game will go on for some absurd reason
  8. While it is a god awful jersey other sports have themed rounds which do very well.The NRL do a superhero round & jersey sales are a big upside of it especially for kids.In saying that they do look better in a NRL version as they have sleeves which round it out nicer
  9. Yeah i agree FND,if i was an opposition player id be standing there laughing at their schoolgirls cheerleader effort
  10. Should be no consequences at all,end of story.Its not a drug & its not illegal. I mean are AFL players not even allowed to breathe these days without the weak PC bad look brigade sulking.It cant be a bad look if its not illegal,unless you are a saint & have never lived an interesting or decent life
  11. Im not sure Hogan is more important than Neale is to Freo. Everything starts in the middle which is where Neale comes into it.No good if Hogan sits inside F50 while Freo have traded away the most likely player to feed Hogan the required ball.In the end Forwards only kick goals because of the Mids.
  12. Haha right, so instead of 2 weeks to get 5 trades done they would take months.The longer the period doesnt equate to more trades,just more time wasting. Im actually for players moving all year but not in this way,i just think that if you're out of contract there should be no trades just go where you want with no compo.Freedom to move to the club of your choice if not contracted
  13. But in the end Hogan,Beams,Neale,Kelly are all contracted,through their own choice when they last signed,so why should the AFL be able to force clubs into helping them?
  14. Yep,im in the building industry & its 100% what happens.Go for a high price,test the customer (market/club)& if they dont budge well you're no worse off.If they take the bait then you're happy enough to do the work (change clubs)
  15. I dont believe the AFL should be allpwed to get involved.All the players are contracted & obviously chasing money but using family etc as they were happy to pen new deals not long ago.If they are going to get involved it may as well just be a free for all like the NRL where players can go wherever & whenever they want
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