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  1. Explain how it was disgraceful....it wasn't racist.
  2. What a load of crap. We have every right to speak about the way Jack plays his football, whether that be good or bad.
  3. We/I are not insulting him as a human being!!! Please remember that this is not a personal attack on Jack in that way. It is what he does in regards to his football and whether or not he can help our football club be successful.
  4. Stop feeling sorry for him, he gets paid bucket loads to do his job...
  5. Apparently we are not allowed to criticise him in this thread, I would not be suprised to see your post deleted by WJ because of the section I have highlighted from your post...
  6. Weren't Richmond offering us pick 12 for Trengove....
  7. Swap Lumumba for Garland, swap Trengove(fit) for Watts, find replacements for Stretch and Harmes who aren't up to it ATM, trade Howe
  8. And not having Wines, leaves the door open for Vandenberg and others..who might end up being better players than Wines at the end of their careers.
  9. Every day of the week and keep Yarran in the back pocket.
  10. Well said, no one can fault his playing career.
  11. As long as he plays we will look like a 'soft' club to others...that's not my opinion but the opinion from other supporters from different clubs....we should try to off load him to send a message to the AFL community... The only reason he is still on our list is because we used our number 1 draft pick to get him.
  12. Adam Goodes is a legend. Well done . Had a great career, good luck in the future. Close thread.
  13. . Fact: Dangerfield is a crow, Treloar is giant.....that is reality!
  14. But it is a place full of opportunity , for anyone who wants to step up and take it! Followed by a group of very passionate supporters!
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