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  1. Explain how it was disgraceful....it wasn't racist.
  2. What a load of crap. We have every right to speak about the way Jack plays his football, whether that be good or bad.
  3. We/I are not insulting him as a human being!!! Please remember that this is not a personal attack on Jack in that way. It is what he does in regards to his football and whether or not he can help our football club be successful.
  4. Stop feeling sorry for him, he gets paid bucket loads to do his job...
  5. Apparently we are not allowed to criticise him in this thread, I would not be suprised to see your post deleted by WJ because of the section I have highlighted from your post...
  6. Weren't Richmond offering us pick 12 for Trengove....
  7. Swap Lumumba for Garland, swap Trengove(fit) for Watts, find replacements for Stretch and Harmes who aren't up to it ATM, trade Howe
  8. And not having Wines, leaves the door open for Vandenberg and others..who might end up being better players than Wines at the end of their careers.
  9. Every day of the week and keep Yarran in the back pocket.
  10. Well said, no one can fault his playing career.
  11. As long as he plays we will look like a 'soft' club to others...that's not my opinion but the opinion from other supporters from different clubs....we should try to off load him to send a message to the AFL community... The only reason he is still on our list is because we used our number 1 draft pick to get him.
  12. Adam Goodes is a legend. Well done . Had a great career, good luck in the future. Close thread.
  13. . Fact: Dangerfield is a crow, Treloar is giant.....that is reality!
  14. But it is a place full of opportunity , for anyone who wants to step up and take it! Followed by a group of very passionate supporters!
  15. Most teams take about 12 midfielders into any game, so if Melksham is your 5th or 6th midfielder, then he makes our team easily.I believe if we can get him cheap, late second rounder or third rounder, as they said in the Sunday footy show, then he is worth it. I think he is a big improvement on our current fringe players if we can get him for not much cost. They also talked about Jack Watts, and mentioned that he doesn't really have any value on the market, straight swap for Melksham?
  16. How is my position so ridiculous.....I have mentioned that he is rated by certain Essendon supporters I know. I have agreed with STMJ who suggests if we can get him with a third rounder or for little cost that he would be a good depth player, who may need a change of clubs to get the best out of himself. I don't rate Jack Watts as a player and I don't think other clubs will take Watts because he lacks the football fundamentals, he doesn't compete hard enough. His value is a third rounder or Jake Melksham.... It's my opinion...you don't know how Melksham will go for us if we draft him, but If he does succeed I will be one to remind you of all the negative crap you have spoken about him, grow up or fcuk off.
  17. A couple of highlights were against Collingwood on QB when Gus came bursting through the centre of the ground and kicked long to Garlett running back towards goal... Exactly the type of player that we need at the club.
  18. Just signed up a mates 1 yr old and put Hogan on his card, not that he will remember...but Hogan winning the RS should pull in a few extra members hopefully.
  19. Membership numbers are already at 16,621 after a couple of days of sales ... hopefully we make it to 40,000+ in 2016
  20. No offence to Watts because I think he has been good for our club in a few ways, but try selling a player who has played almost every game for the year and only managed 18th in the B&F, straight swap for Melksham is a huge win for us, again, I think Howe has the most value on the market, but whoever takes him has not drafted a match winner, Howe can be handy and I will be sad to see him go, but he is never going to be that player for us, which is not to say his best football isn't ahead of him (at another club)...
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