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  1. Hope you bet on that thaught> Spot on
  2. Goody may be the only person who's job is saved by the virus
  3. My mates and I have a bet every week on how quickly the Umpires are blamed. You just cost me the pot. FFS we were [censored]. Two of my mates are tiger supporters and had plenty to [censored] about . One of their forwards took two marks within range and neither were paid. We need to stop blaming the umpires and start looking at our players.
  4. STC Sth Camberwell vets. Over 40s. Made 40 odd and had to retire, Did his hammy bowling
  5. Add Goody to the list. Tweaked a hammy playing vets cricket this arvo. Not bad at cricketing,
  6. But you know we will. . Thought the targeting of Higgins was part of the problem in the 1st. Lost a bit of focus and in the end did not unsettle Higgins enough. although I think he kicked 4 points.
  7. Lot of parallels with the Dog v Tigers in the game today. Dees had a poor 1st qtr same as dogs, Both down by 30 odd points at half time. Resurgent 3rd Qtr to get level but unlike the dogs the Dees did not bring it home. Can't put my finger on it but we seemed to lose the impetus of the 3rd qtr whereas the dogs kept theirs. That big red head for the Hawks was good in the last but we had all the momentum. We did not respond in the last minute when the hawks had 2 or 3 extras down their backline . On field awareness may have been lacking.
  8. Had less effect on the result than the absolutely atrocious set shots. Thought the umpiring was poor for both sides.
  9. Reckon you are right. Bring that pressure every game and I reckon more wins than losses. Thought they were brilliant with the two way running. Got back in defense faster than the Cats forwards. Trouble was it comes at a cost and we ran out of petrol. Need to be able to do it for 4 quarters but geez it was great to watch. Excited.
  10. Set shot kicking that really reemed us. Red wine is the solution.
  11. I reckon both sides have reason to complain about the umpiring. Do feel for the umpires because they get changes areas to concentrate on every week. Buggered if I could do it.
  12. Fasolo could not buy a goal last week. Kicked them from anywhere last night. Gawn hurt more than him being off the ground. Cost Watts playing up forward and he was worn out by the last quarter. Umpiring was poor but for both teams. Had the chance to win but that 2nd quarter &^%%%$
  13. Hi. No not Viv just been Overseas.
  14. David King predicted this year that the Dogs and North would both slide out of the 8. North started with 9 wins on the trot and now the Dogs in the granny..
  15. Viv had a nasty growth on hi shoulder for the first half. It was so big that it had its own number (32). Must have had it removed at half time because he was better in the second half. 13 tackles would have to be a personal best.
  16. Daisey wins the womens B&F. Who is surprised?
  17. Oscar McInerney just won the Dev League B&F
  18. Here are the match stats. Notice we had , Stretch, Weed, White, and Newton as well as those MFC players listed in the best. No Trac this time. Casey Scorpions 4.1-25 6.2-38 10.2-62 11.4-70 Williamstown 5.1-31 10.4-64 14.10-94 17.12-114 CASEY SCORPIONS Goal Kickers: L. Hulett 4, S. Weideman 2, M. King 2, J. Trengove 2, J. Grimes Best Players: J. Trengove, V. Michie, C. Petracca, L. Hulett, M. King, J. Munro WILLIAMSTOWN Goal Kickers: A. Siposs 4, L. Masters 2, S. Dunell 2, D. Conway 2, A. Cordy 2, A. Anastasio 2, S. Hetherington, N. Meese, N. Sing Best Players: W. Wheeler, N. Meese, L. Masters, A. Siposs, T. Currie, S. Hetherington
  19. Viv Michie was captain of the APS team that included Mitch Wallis and Tom Libratore. I think he went to Wesley. Watched them play at Etihad once. Absolutely brilliant spectacle, as good as what you see at VFL level.
  20. Would have gotten a reprimand but his record got him a game off.
  21. Not as modest as the Bulldogs 1st and 2nd. White was pretty handy on Saturday despite the numbers.
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