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  1. How does Hawkins get away with his dirty play?
  2. This time watching is so painful, I’m shaking like a leaf, just start the bloody game. GO DEES ❤️💙
  3. I’m happy to pass on my barcodes, I also have grand final guarantee as well!
  4. OMG these bloody umpires are atrocious
  5. God all the Geelong players whining and whinging the whole bloody time!
  6. OMG what the hell are these umpires doing? Unbelievable
  7. You have to be joking 🤬
  8. Picket, your the best, thanks very much for attending and giving us the rundown, it must have been atrocious conditions.
  9. Different rules for both teams. So incredibly frustrating.
  10. Over these bloody free kicks in front of goal
  11. It would be awesome if we got a centre clearance
  12. OMFG that free to Dixon was absolutely terrible, bloody maggots
  13. OMG these umpires are absolutely atrocious
  14. Bloody forward line is disfunctional
  15. That was terrible from Kossi, handball or run in and kick it
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