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  1. Cheers. I have always liked the look of him, but it is a good point that he needs it delivered on a platter. That takes skill, which we do not have.
  2. Great post. The faux outrage does my head in, especially since we all have struggles going on at the moment. May wisdom prevail
  3. Yep. I really like him. Has a bit of that Cam Pedersenesque spirit to him, will play beyond the expectations of his talent. Also seems to know that a footy bounces in an odd fashion, and gets himself to the right spots.
  4. Surely we would look at Ben Brown. I know he is goofy and had a rubbish year, but the bloke is an old-school lead/mark forward. Precisely what we need, along with another rebounding defender IMO. I would have said another winger too, but I thought Baker showed enough to have another go around.
  5. That Rory Lobb approach to goal is something else. Not just the twinkle toes stutter, he literally waves the footy around in a circle, must be a raffle every time he has a shot
  6. There is something particularly distasteful about that Wallis chap....Something in the way his mouth guard interacts with his hair style.
  7. Great analysis of something you refuse to watch.
  8. Extremely angry and abusive message at ‘Fork em’ deleted
  9. The issue is that this describes Simon Goodwin's qualifications
  10. It's 15h and I can't believe I haven't started drinking. Hope you're well mate, and the tinder prospects know how to run and tackle
  11. It is seriously an abusive relationship. Talking to the old man last night, both head in hands at the prospect of what would be dished up today (anybody’s guess) and, not for the first time, he apologised profusely for what he had gotten me in to when he stuck a Dees jumper on me for my first vickick 30 years ago.
  12. Jesus, even Binman has stopped rummaging through the skip. Anything remaining from my helpless hope has just departed, I fear.
  13. Absolutely my go to. Just gotta listen for the bounce and hit play
  14. Definitely a recognisable brand of football ✅
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