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  1. Sorry Cassie, but this is old MFC mentality. Relax. We are now the reigning premiers; the best footy club in the world. We got there with a group who has faced every challenge without qualm. If the AFL schedules us to play Footscray and Geelong at the same time, on the moon, I would give us a sniff. Bring it on.
  2. There's no point worrying about an outcome that doesn't yet exist. We could just as easily put a tasty cherry on top of the unfurling with another resounding win. Happy to play thw dogs 23 times next year if it gets us into the Granny again.
  3. Does anyone think we will see Dogga playing midfield minutes next year? The thought of him roving to Gawn and dishing out to the Tracc/Clarrie (Trollie) combo is, in my opinion, [censored] mind-blowing.
  4. Let me know if you need help with that
  5. Josh Mahoney's fingerprints all over this strategy, along with Lamb and the rest of the crew. Credit where it is due
  6. @AmsterdamDeesFan was responsible for the Mitch Hannan vid in 2018. Think he doesn't want to besmirch the glory of this year by doing it again. The song hasn't been written yet that can do this year's highlights justice.
  7. I am worried that the heart-icon on my phone is going to wear out from over use
  8. My favourite thread ever. So difficult to choose, but echoing a previous poster, TMac kicking our first goal as legit, official premiers in 56 years while his team mates were playing stacks-on 5 metres away.
  9. Dogga: "And then, after that goal, they put English on me! No [censored] chance after that, the Doggies." Copper (pointing in the direction of Optus): "But don't you want to play there all the time, for the Dockers?" Dogga (Putting head in hands): "Nah mate, no way, my heart beats true." The end.
  10. You are a superstar for this. I can't believe how well that works
  11. Some really good reflection on this thread, now with the premiership cup in our back pocket. I tried to remain out of this discussion for the previous few years. Partly because I remember Goodwin as a 10 game player taking a GF by the scruff of the neck, so felt he had what it took, but also partly because I thought I could imagine Mark Neeld holding up a premiership cup with Trenners and Grimes circa 2013. So I wasn't sure. But I hope there is a lesson (learning 😒) in all this for the value of patience and building a club culture from the ground up. That things are never as bad or good as they seem is a pretty cliche, yet apt, way of looking at all this. (Except now things really are that good). It took time, perseverance and patience. This has been a great forum for venting that many have utilised as such, but may this whole occurrence remind us that there is a long run, and often our emotions in the moment can blur the bigger picture. I feel like I have learned a lot from this Dees outfit, from Goody and all involved, about what it is to imbue an institution with a modern, inclusive 21stt century vibe. Go the [censored] Dees!
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