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  1. Excellent. Breakfast game here with a 7:20 am start, shakshuka and fresh coffee on the menu. What a round so far, with so many close upsets. May this not be another one of them, but rather a casual belting of the old enemy. Go Dees
  2. Clearly they will just have to talk about Collingwood more.
  3. I can't tell which of these teams is Collingwood. Is it the one in black and white?
  4. Was extremely angry straight after, but have settled without the MFCSS kicking in too much. It's about how we respond to this and I am curious to see it.
  5. I feel like we would be entitled to the entire CBD and would hope for levels of disruption to match Ajax's '95 Champion's League win...
  6. Given the culture of team-based selflessness permeating through the joint, I suspect that there has been high class communication between coaches and all of Brown, Weideman and TMac. Brown would not have been dropped out of the blue and I'm sure everyone is on the same page in terms of it being a long season (+ finals season) and that we are attempting to build something so immense that there will be bucketloads of success to go around for years to come. Everybody will get a pail to carry home.
  7. Fantastic Dees. BT whispering in the commentary box, trying his ASMR routine, made me turn on the abc commentary. Then had to listen to Mark McClure cheering on his hapless Blues. I stuck with it because that's how bad BT is. The Demons!!!
  8. @Altona-demon search 'The Dees Podcast' in a podcast app. Light hearted and not huge on the analysis but that's what Demonland pod is for 😎
  9. The Dees Podcast with Slavs and Glove has been going for years and it's fun hearing those lads finding themselves following a good team. They don't talk much about Collingwood though, which is weird for AFL content.
  10. I did also. As an aside, I ran into the Fish at a bar in the Dam a few years ago and ended up having a few with him. He is actually extremely eloquent, bright and friendly. Wouldn't put a few Simo-Garfunkian pearls of wisdom past him.
  11. I know we are all traumatised after decades of [censored], but we are 8-0 and a different set of players has made the 'best on' list in each victory, all of which have been different. We have system, structure and the special sauce of team-cohesion. No change. (Unless injuries and/or massive cork-thighs demand it)
  12. Oh Demonland, where the biggest star-signing any of us have ever witnessed can turn into a debate about whether Paul Roos was worth the money spent on him. I'm with @binmanand @Rodney (Balls) Grinter. All the goody goodness to Goodwin's good Dees. Loving this ride.
  13. Exactly. Cracking tackle which allowed Fritta to run on to it. Worth his weight in gold for giving our second and third fowards more freedom. Will start clunking marks soon enough.
  14. Sure, agree. Am not a Melksham apologist. But at 6-0 against bottom of the table North... I reckon we can risk having a look at it.
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