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  1. Started the year kicking a goal every game for first 5 or 6 rounds. Would love to see that throughout the year. Thought he was absolutely stellar this season
  2. Maybe the club hung on to 'em instead of having to send a future 4th
  3. Spent many a childhood summers running around that dustbowl. Don't know if they could handle a friday night fixture though. No worse than kardinia I suppose
  4. Haha. Somebody having to coax words out of @AmsterdamDeesFan is a first
  5. Can we trade content items if we build them up? Maybe even future 1st and 2nd round content items?
  6. Went to bed with high hopes for how off road this thread would go. Didn't disappoint
  7. It was on rails? Legit though skuit was pronounced skew-it?
  8. @skort but Skuit had such a nice 'uiiiii' sound!
  9. I loved it when we took a punt on Bennel. Think it says a lot about our club that we back ourselves in to support players with off field issues and we have an even more mature and solid culture now than then. Also, wasn't Hunter VC at Dogs? Must have some leadership qualities
  10. Do you mean if he played for us he would lead to Weid?
  11. Wake up to find Yze convo has reached God-tier.
  12. Clearly, our once in two generations premiership coach has lost the players.
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