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  1. What a cracking match. The tape can go straight to the pool-room. Put it in a soundproof box, though, so we don't have to listen to Hamish whatshisface try and ruin an all time classic MFC win on the bell with his bemoaning the fortunes of the losing team's supporters. He can [censored] right off. I still can't understand how any Dees supporter can't be absolutely rapt that this is what we are living through. Onwards. Go Dees
  2. Stoked for you! In September I'll get to see my family for first time in 4 years. That's a decent contract's worth of time, Jacko
  3. Brisbane's chance to win a flag was the only year in history when the finals were/will be played in QLD. Not sure where they go from here. Back to QLD, I guess.
  4. We are relevant, talked about, hunted, 2nd on the ladder, in it up to our eyeballs and not scouring potential draft picks in July because we are looking at a 2 win, 50% season. [censored] stoked and loving this season/era. I feel blessed that we made it out of Mordor and am intrigued watching our supporter base struggling to follow a good team.
  5. Or for Tracc and Clarrie to supply Weid properly
  6. That'll be a long commute to Casey
  7. Geelong can be July premiers, that's fine
  8. When we were a crap team it never occurred to me that our supporter trauma would be most on display after we'd become successful.
  9. Can't imagine our standards allowing one player to not train, all the while being paid more than most on the list. However, as a playing-forward coach, two years to teach JVR... it's a tempting thought
  10. Been using it for years. Works a treat.
  11. Yea but no May should be taken off him
  12. Good, gutsy effort. Our midfield is just mint. One of my favourite moments of the day was David King saying that Steven May needed to be dragged or taken off Walker. Gave me a good laugh, that did. Oh, and club record intercepts marks
  13. The kind of deep analysis all other channels lack. Bravo
  14. Of all the news about our club this year, this and the whole 11-3 part are the two surest indicators of what's up. Absolutely rapt. Clarrie til 2030. Just massive.
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