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  1. Ok, if what I'm feeling today is a Prelim hangover, look out. Silly story, I went to NZ in 1998, 26 at the time, purchased a bottle of Wild Turkey Rare Breed Duty Free. Seemed top shelf at the time, maybe not so much today..symbolic never the less. Made a promise to myself to only open it when we win a Grand Final. Came out the cupboard in 2000, only to put it away by 3/4 time. It's time for a second showing and opening. Fingers crossed. I feel we are in a better position this time round. Can't wait. Watched second half again this morning. That 10 minutes from Gawn in the 3rd quarter was just outstanding. The whole team was relentless for the whole game. Super proud, super excited. Go Dees.
  2. I did say "kudos" to him. Great game . Maybe a bit picky, easy from the armchair. It's a game of mistakes; felt he had a couple obvious howlers. Let's move on and share the love. Go Dee's. And I love wild Turkey.
  3. He burnt Petracca on the burst and played on unnecessarily. Again, not a great fan but his positive outweighed his negatives..... tonight
  4. Always thought 94 and 98 got away from us, is this a better team?
  5. There's no room for compassion on the march to a flag . Go Dee's.
  6. As great as Nibbler was tonight., and I'm not a fan of him but am of his he work rate, his decision making worries me. Regardless, kudos to him. Well done nibbler.
  7. I must say, Cats were hands on knees in the 3rd qtr. That's when I started thinking we might run over them. It was a longshot thought, so glad it was right. That free against Bullen for Htb and Brayshaw's oob put me over the edge tonight. Just proves umpires don't understand the game.
  8. Watch the off the ball work on Oliver, should be getting frees
  9. Yet the 100 gamer wastes it when he has to think.
  10. I thought ANB was improving early in the year, but he is a completely ineffective, stupid player. I don't care if you can't hit up a player, but at least kick it to our advantage. Give us a more than 0% chance to compete. Doubling back into traffic to get on right foot = stupid, no left=stupid. At least medical sub him and list mentally and physically limited on the injury report. I've put up with him long enough running around with his mouth wide open gasping for air and looking like he is sucking a vacuum nozzle. Enough! So many players in form earlier in the year and we got teams at the right time with injuries. The lack of form of too many is taking its toll. Time to rest some. Goodwins reluctance to change things up or make hard calls is showing. Wow! I don't normally vent.......
  11. Spot on. Too much time in front of the mirror. Fumble, fumble , fumble tonight
  12. Tony Lockett would not have got near it today the way it was coming in. No wonder Weid and Tmac were missing. The selfless game not there today. Mismanaged the 10 day break maybe?
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