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  1. Anyone feel like they are watching an MFC game?
  2. Called it before we marked it, only because we went backwards. Convinced the umps are under instruction about kicking backwards late in quarters.
  3. I've worked it out, we are roper doping port.
  4. Melk is playing white collar football and thinks he is an alchemist and can turn every possession into gold. I understand they regard his skill and want him playing outside football, but he needs to get some blue collar aspects into his game.
  5. How good is this! Sunday morning, cup of coffee in bed and watching this. Remember going with a Norf mate, face paint and all. Great memories. We need the 3 word player analysis.
  6. Gets better ever time I watch this. I love how the ball bounces in Frosty's lap and he takes off while his opponents is still wondering what hit him.
  7. It's the big red clown shoes, trips and flops easily.
  8. Ease up mate, my 12 year old had 2 goals last week with 47% kicking efficiency, no turnover. Maybe an U10 schoolboy.
  9. It wasn’t Brayshaw’s lack of awareness, it was Clarry not putting a block on after the handball. Clarry should have had Brayshaws back.
  10. Any merit in putting Frost on to the wing - notwithstanding occasional the brain fade and shanks, his height, pace and confidence to take things on are some strong attributes.
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