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  1. Instead of trading pick 23 for frost and 40, I'd probably look to trade pick 23 for a late 20's pick and that teams 3rd rounder Then we can on trade the 3rd round pick for Frost. I reckon a pick in the 40's is about Frost's value, and If we did this deal with for example Carlton (pick 23 for pick 28 and pick 46) we would end up in practice trading pick 23 for pick 28 and Frost, which I reckon is a decent result
  2. Billy Stretch ran a 2.99 second 20m sprint. Almost as quick as Jack Trengove
  3. I have no doubt Melbourne wanted to keep MC, and would be rightly [censored] at him deciding to leave the club and go to Geelong. But after MC's Doctors recommended him against coming back for us and going to a new Club, we didn't really have a choice but to let him go and hope for the best compensation.. If Melbourne tried to fight him leaving, and make a decision that goes against the players best welfare, that could cause major damage to the club. If your making decisions that aren't in the best welfare of your players, your going to alienate your players as well as players from other clubs we are trying to recruit. Why would any player want to come or stay at a bottom club that doesn't care about your welfare? By how we have handling this situation, we've come out of this looking like the good guys, and a club that acts in our players best interest, making us possibly more attractive to new recruits.
  4. We've conceded 130 goals in 12 games, which is an average of 10.8 goals a game. http://www.footywire.com/afl/footy/fts_team_rankings?type=OA&year=2014&sby=4 As we've had on average a further 14.7 behinds a game kicked against us, making a total of 956 points at a average of 79.67 pts a game, I have no idea were the 69 points stat comes from.
  5. It would of been in round 11 of '96 against Fitzroy which was his 19th game and second season. He only kicked 5 goals in his first 18 games and 1 in his first 8.
  6. Taggart never even got 26 touches in a game, and actually in his 17 games this year only got over 14 touches 4 times and one of those was 15 touches.
  7. Missed Sylvia as an out, so we have 3 senior spots
  8. I see Fitzy as a key forward, that is seen as a ruck due to him being 200cm tall, not because he's shown any ability to play in the ruck. As such I don't think he will ever be able to hold down first ruck, but be purely a relief ruckman. Next year if Hogan, Dawes, and Clark are fit , and Clark is able to relieve in the ruck , I don't think you can fit fitzy in your best 22. At the moment Fitzy is the only guy on our list that is not in our best 22, that has any trade value. The big question of if you are going to trade Fitzy is if you believe Hogan will play most games next year, Dawes and Clark are going to able to get fit and stay on the park next year and in the future, and specifically if you think Clark will be able play second ruck . If you think that will all happen you'd consider trading fitzy, personally I wouldn't bet on it and would keep him at least another year, though for the right deal I'd trade him. Trading him for Savage isn't the right deal.
  9. He had his collar bone broken in his last game
  10. I'd be happy to offer our second and fifth round pick, and Jamar for Adams and their 4th round pick.
  11. Casey vs the Northern blues is the televised game on the ABC next week. http://www.abc.net.au/tv/guide/abc1/201306/programs/SP1219V013D2013-06-29T130000.htm Looking forward to be able to see Hogan ripping it up!
  12. Our 1 pick used on Scully was effectively traded for pick 4 (and 14) last year so it's not really fair to count it as 2 picks. This would make us equal with carlton with 6 top 5 picks ''earned'', though 1 less top ten pick then carlton This doesn't realy change any point you were making, that we've received a heap of early picks with very little return on investment.
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