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Searching for Demons: Part 2


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Supermercado, the creator of DemonWiki  is looking for information about players were either listed by, signed to or made appearances with the Melbourne Football Club in an intra-club, practice, Under 19 or reserve game but did not appear in a senior VFL match from 1897 onwards.

To help out, I'm creating three separate threads for Demonlanders to post any information they might have about the players on each list. This one's for players from Melbourne VFL: 1897-1989

Dugald Aitken

Geoff Allardice

Roy Allen

Bob Armstrong

Colin Aubrey

Wayne Barclay

Peter Bardoel

Jamie Barkley

Robert Barkley

Bob Bawden

Gavin Bayes

Jamie Beaton

Graeme Beattie

Ralph Bergman

Steve Betts

David Bickford

William Bourke

Rube Brasher

Mark Brodie

John Brunner

Geoff Byrne

Lindsay Campbell

Barry Capp

Jim Cardwell

Bill Carteres

Norm Cartledge

Daryl Clark

Geoff Clarke

Edmund Clauscen

John Cockburn

Bill Coffield

Brian Collopy

Darren Comi

Don Cooper

Brian Corboy

John Counsel

Gregory Coughlan

Jim Cullen

Dermott Dan

Brett Dawson

Graham Douthie

Harcourt Dowsley

Norman Driver

Kevin Dwyer

Dean Duerkop

Dean Duursma

Bruce Edwards

Gary Edwards

Tom Egan

Stephen Ellingworth

Brian Ellis

Brad Evans

Alan Ezard

James Fahey

Jack Falloon

Chris Farrell

Lloyd Fierakowski

Andrew Fisher

Hugh Fischer

Dan Foley

Geo Gale

Rupert Gibb

George Gorozidis

Robbie Gow

Tony Graham

Russell Grambeau

Alan Gray

Ross Gray

David Groves

Stephen Gumley

Kevan Hamilton

Merv Harbinson

Tony Hannant

Graham Hawkins

Peter Hawthorne

Ashley Hewitson

Dennis Hickey

George Hill

Tim Hille

Brian Hoare

Mike Hunt

Roger Hutton

Tom Ingpen

Gary Ireland

Don Irwin

Steven Jackson

Bill James

Tom Jobling

Andrew Johns

Tony Johnson

Terry Johnston

Bill Jones

Trevor Jones

Ken Jordan

Bruce Joycey

John Keast

David Keech

Terry Keenan

Mark Kennedy

Ken Kilburn

Glen Kiley

Fred King

Roger Kirby

Alan Knape

Murray Knight

Ray Koch

Roger Lade

Danny Lamb

Peter Lane

Dale Lawrence

Tom Lay

Lloyd Lewis

Stan Livingstone

Mark Lockwood

Bill Lonie

Greg Lowry

Bob Lynch

John Mackay

Frederick Marsh

Greg Marza

Les Matchett

Aaron Martello

Eamonn Mathieson

Tony Mazurak

Paul McCarty

Ken McCormack

Peter McCormack

Mark McDonald

Kenneth McFee

Tony McGivern

Andrew McKaige

Rohan McKaige

Peter McKenzie

Paul McLean

Bill McMahon

Rod McNabb

Kevin McNamee

Rod Meldrum

John Millard

Brett Minchington

Adrian Minton-Connell

Michael Minton-Connell

Gavin Mooney

Bill Morris

Glen Moulton

Paul Nankervis

Don Nichols

Denis Nicholls

Tony Nilsson

Dallas Normington

Fred Olssen

Peter McCarty

Mark McKeown

Peter Morgan

Nick Oman

Wayne Paul

Kelvin Payne

Andrew Peck

John Pilkington

John Power

Artie Rennie

Peter Rennie

Bill Rheinholdt

Brendan Rice

Paul Richards

Brian Rickards

Ken Roache

Trevor Robinson

Tom Roche

Doug Rolfe

Ron Rolfe

George Rudolph

Mark Russell

Peter Ryan

Jason Saddington

Darren Seccull

Robert Shearer

Barry Shepherd

Ian Sheppard

Mark Skinner

Geoff Slade

Arthur Slater

Peter Slattery

Lyle Sligo

Paul Smit

Cameron Smith

Greg Smith

John Smith

Michael Smith

Paul Smith

Andrew Smythe

Roy Southcott

Bert Stanley

Doug Starr

Charles Stewart

Tim Stoney

Felix Strachov

Jack Sutherland

Lino Taglieri

Dale Tapping

Fred Tate

Jack Thomas

Robert Thomas

Vern Thomas

Les Thompson

John Thorpe

Greg Tivendale

Nick Tunbridge

Peter Tunbridge

Paul Wagland

Cameron Waldron

Chris Walker

Shane Ward

Mervyn Watson

Jack Whelan

Jim Whitelaw

Colin Wilcox

Brian Wilson

Kyle Wilson

Greg Withers

Michael Witman

Kevin Wood

Peter Wood

Roger Wood

Gregory Woods

Mick Younger

Damien Yze

Trent Zomer

Brett Zorzi

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Cheers Jack,

There's already some information about most of those players in their profiles already, but anything else would be a bonus.

Also looking for old reserves and under 19's teamsheets to fill in more names of people who didn't play seniors.

This is one of my favourites from that era - the original overseas invasion


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According to his facebook,Trent Zomer plays basketball now for a team called Ringwood Hawks in the big League

At one point he was playing for Northern State University in the US :blink:

And even though that sounds like the most generic, made up name for a university ever it was in fact true http://www.nsuwolvesathletics.com/news/2010/5/20/MBB_0520100650.aspx?path=mbball

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At one point he was playing for Northern State University in the US :blink:

And even though that sounds like the most generic, made up name for a university ever it was in fact true http://www.nsuwolvesathletics.com/news/2010/5/20/MBB_0520100650.aspx?path=mbball

That's actually now, by the sounds of it. Looking at the first paragraph:

Northern State University head men’s basketball coach Paul Sather has announced his first wave of signees for the 2010-11 season. The group includes South Dakota native Dustin Tetzlaff, Tom Parks of Cheyenne, Wyo., and Australian import Trent Zomer. The three – along with Aberdeen Central High School product Jared Hannigan, who signed during the early period – will enroll in classes and join the Wolves on the court for the 2010-11 campaign.

Sounds as if he's having a serious crack at a professional Basketball career?

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  • 2 years later...


Dugald Aitken played for Mt Pleasant in the Heathcote and District football league first year was 1990 I think he came to us from Balwyn. He won the clubs B and F in 1990 and 1991 he was BOG in the 1990 premiership. He also played in a losing GF in 1992 breaking his wrist early in the game. He played in the 1993/94 premierships. He then left Mounts we have tried to contact him for reunions. We believe he became a recluse and may have changed his name. If you happen to locate him we would appreciate a notification. He was a very popular player at Mounts. Regards Jim

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    STINGA'S TRAINING REPORT Went with a friend to watch training this morning.  They have 3 sets of temporary grandstands set up next to the rooms for spectators and get a good view of everything. Fritsch was the only absentee and J Smith was on the bike for the whole session. Everyone in their own numbers except JVR in 44,   Kye Turner is 47 and Burgoyne 33. Started off with goal kicking which has been described before. Then an agility routine where where they ducked aroun

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