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  1. Tommy Bugg opens the scoring in the last with a goal. Breeze is stronger than at the start of the game - probably 3+ goals worth (and Casey have the use of it)
  2. Pedo again ! - (after a beautifully weighted pass from Jeffy). Follows up with another goal. 86 - 26
  3. Still very much a 'work in progress'. If (heaven forbid) Max went down, Pedo is the only option realistically available.
  4. Corey Rich gets Dolphins 2nd - (apparently has attracted attention of the talent scouts)
  5. Pedo dominating in the air - 2 good clunkers with goals to follow. 66 point lead - 80 to 14
  6. Badly depleted opponent BUT it has been a long time since we had a 10+ goal win...
  7. Agree - Gerard is a bit too 'cerebral' for the SEN milieu - they much prefer the bogan, 'Loveable Aussie Larrikin'-style of commentator
  8. Couldn't agree more - plenty of vacant spots outside the 'G' let's get the Sculptor commissioned and place an order for the bronze.
  9. Reminiscent of the Steve Waugh vs Mark Waugh debate - one of them you want to watch for the rest of your life whilst the other is (or will hopefully be) the one you want to bat for your life. I was pleased/impressed that from the start of Sunday's game, Angus stood Jack Steven - the only possible candidate for an 'A Grade' midfielder at the Saints
  10. Couldn't agree more - I suspect we are all more than a little tired of Hird running the 'woe am I- the Club abandoned me ' line. If he could simply have the courage to engage in a bit of introspection and then state that, (with the benefit of hindsight), "I realise now that as Senior Coach, the buck stopped with me", he just might find it easier to 'move on'.
  11. So true - the possibly over-hyped elation from finally shedding the monkey on our back regarding North Melbourne was rudely ripped away by our efforts after 1/4 time against Hawthorn. Lose to Essendrug and we are 2 - 4 and our season is looking seriously dodgy. Defeat Essenscum and we are 3 - 3 and effectively 'back on track'. As the late Chrissy Amphlett opined, it truly is a "fine line between pleasure and pain"......
  12. Regardless of who comes into the team, can we please see at least one positional change with Lever being sent forward to play on Rance. Jeremy McGovern aside, Rance is the premier intercept marking defender in the comp (who is also very adept as a 3rd man up to effect the spoil). Rance will take Lever to the ball and thereby refresh Lever's acknowledged and much-heralded ability to read the play. At the very least, Lever would hopefully be able to negate Rance's influence and thus neutralise one of Richmond's most effective play makers.
  13. Pleasing hit out - no injuries of any significance. Confirmation that Maynard, Wagner (and possibly Stretch) are not starting 22. Bernie with a 1 year contract probably realises now that it is a final contract. Skill & intensity of Hannan and (potentially) Fritsch eases the pain of Watts' absence. Versatility of Pedersen highlighted - more critical than many think.
  14. Looks like Tarzan - plays like Jane - (might be able to keep a spot on the list if he was a real Jane...)
  15. Damn right! (Although I was in grave danger of bringing up said pie as part of the days' takings about 20 minutes into the final quarter......)
  16. Agree - puzzling decision in some ways. But, as mentioned in a related thread, possibly designed to give him a chance when our better performers are in rather than when our playing stocks were very threadbare. Fingers/toes crossed that it all goes well.
  17. Hopefully it will prove to be a masterstroke from the List Management people - keeping a talented, footy-smart, hardened warrior on the list to plug a gap when the need arises. Like all on Demonland, hoping/praying his selection is justified come siren time.
  18. Jason Bennett is a refreshingly low-key but knowledgeable commentator. Pleasant contrast to the usual BT waffle and self indulgent bluster.
  19. A big 'thank you' to Brendan for uploading a delightful smorgasbord of that one wonderful highlight. As luck would have it, I am heading out to dinner at a Filth supporting household tonight - any tips on how I can put these clips on perpetual loop (especially the last shot of Taylor 'Big Mouth' Adams on his haunches looking completely rooted)
  20. I suspect that any value attributed will draw the inevitable response: "tell him he's dreaming".........,
  21. Exactly what we need - a healthy dose of overdue Public School elitism so that the MCC/MFC Members can employ the time honoured refrain to those who follow The Filth and others of that ilk: "STFU or we'll raise your rent!"
  22. Assuming someone other than Jones is an out, Trengove would have to be considered based upon his consistent form at Casey, provided he is played as an inside mid, especially in the centre square. Whilst there is no doubt he could play a stopping/tagging role on Mitchell off half back, Trenners would be better in the centre square when Priddis is there - good as Priddis undoubtedly is, I doubt that he would be able to 'burn off' Trengrove in the unlikely event that they were somehow in a foot race. Trengrove has always had good vision, footy smarts, very neat skills (both by hand & foot), and knows how to lay tackles that stick - (just ask Dangerfield).
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