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  1. Was very sick, on iv antibiotics for severe infection that game, and was played anyway! You never know the full story, one very tough young man actually
  2. Find this interview and post, it is an absolute lie!
  3. picket must seriously have a personal gripe to pick with these guys- he comes across as the most nasty miserable man, and i would hate to live in his head!
  4. seriously, you don't think tmac would like to go man on man with reiwoldt! It ain't in the game plan! Same height, same tank, same athleticism! Younger and better knees! Different defensive plan won't let him!
  5. only have to look at tom's one percenters to see how many goals he has prevented,... huge amount of spoils each and every week, about three times the afl average, watch his long arm come up every time he is near the ball... and remember he had a shoulder reco at the end of the last season!
  6. give mcdonald a go in the forward line- - let him use his marking ability, long arms and good vertical leap and endurance to run and run- used to be very good at it, when he was a forward,
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