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  1. I’d plunk Melksham in the forward line and back him in to play the role.
  2. GWS list doesn’t worry me anymore. Our midfields match up but either end of the ground we look much stronger. The only way we lose this is we don’t turn up to play. GWS by 187 points.
  3. Shame on me. I saw a post on Facebook about harmes being plastered in Prahan Saturday night. Assumed it was alcohol not plaster on his wrist.
  4. What this kid is pulling off at such a young age is completely flying under the radar. He’s going to be a top level talent for sure. After some lean years at the draft, we def nailed that one with Jackson, Pickett and Rivers.
  5. I understand we need to grind out some wins while our forwards are out but the forward line wasn’t the issue. Our midfield got destroyed again. HorriblE stoppage work.
  6. Daw Has kicked 7 of our 3 goals.
  7. Lots of “soft culture” cheap shots? Or actually some thoughtful analysis?
  8. I’m giving goody a 25% chance of coaching us in 2022. Hes on hiding to nothing with our key forwards out for a month and fitness queries over 3 of our 4 starting midfielders. I can see this first month being a disaster.
  9. Groan. We aren’t soft. Do we have a crap coach? Yes. Is our list overrated? Yes. This has nothing to do with culture.
  10. Def look like a miss that entire draft. But as others are pointing out it looks like a pretty shallow talent pool that year.
  11. It’s a worry that we will be rushing in some our crucial players under done early part of the season.
  12. I tend to agree. I think we are a chance to sneak into 8 if everything falls our way but that’s about it. We aren’t a top 4 bucks quality side no matter how rosy my glasses get. Happy to be proven wrong though!
  13. Looks like another rule the suits at AFL HQ have nailed.
  14. Petracca at full forward in my opinion for the first part of the season.
  15. Gees Majak has really let himself go.....
  16. Did anyone catch dan Andrews press conference last night? Assume It was regarding ben browns knee?
  17. Great goal. Famous victory for the dees.
  18. It’s obviously not great that his troublesome knee has flared up after ramping up training but this is common with players coming back from any sort of long term injury. We’ve recruited him for a few years not just round 1 2021. The hysteria on here is amazing. I’m dec thankful that we kept T-Mac. This is his chance prove everyone wrong.
  19. Don’t wanna hype him up too much but by the time he finishes his career the norm smith will be called the Bailey Laurie.
  20. Because dodoro didn’t “win” the trade period again, he needs more time.
  21. Never in my time watching footy have I ever seen an entire football supporter group revolt against a decision like this. The Filth are filthy and embarrassed.
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