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  1. I'm happy with a win, no experimenting, no percentage booster just 4 points. Let North come, and they will. This team is in fantastic form and they look focused. Just get the job done and let Footscray play Hollywood football in April, we'll just get a win a move forward...
  2. Juice Newton at the Wang Magies. Ben Reid came home this year and I'm sure I heard Lynden Dunn was coming as well... Poor old Corowa what hope have we got
  3. Playing as a team, instead of individuals. From the outside Trac or Salem or Oliver 30+ disposals and all the stat sheet stuff will get the supercoach points. I guarantee internally it's no more or less important than Spargo, AND and Melksham. Richmond won 3 out of 4 grand finals with the same mentality. Hopefully we can do the same.
  4. The best part is we still haven't had it all our own way this year. In every game we have been challenged, and answered, emphatically. Tough job being a selector...
  5. Interesting not picking Weideman. Must be defensive efforts, looked like he moved well and offensively obviously not an issue
  6. I agree. I think you can rotate him and McDonald out of the foward/wing
  7. I think he was playing the first 6 games this year regardless
  8. Watched his younger brother run up and down the wing all day yesterday at John Foord Oval. His change of angle and kick into CHF reminds me of what Jake done so effectively in 2018. Would love to see his return to form.
  9. Supporters and especially media always will. Was it Ratten last week said "it's never as good or as bad" (unless your sacked I guess. I think for the first time in a long time the players understand the importance of one week, one quarter, one contrast at a time. We will beat the hawk's, and move onto Richmond for Jonesy's 300th (and Martins 250th?) I wonder who will get more lime light??? Guess it won't matter when we win.
  10. Absolutely, I coach junior sport and one of the hardest thing to teach the kids is that it's ok to have white line fever as long as you shake hands after the game and can respect the opposition. The way brown to me went and hugged treloar in the dogs pies game is an example of the wrong way to go about it in my opinion. Oh course they are all friendly but once you cross the white line it's on.
  11. Anyone see the exchange between Selwood and Kozy after he had him holding the ball in the middle of the ground? I thought I seen another exchange between the 2 maybe at a end of quarter break? Not sure who started it but I don't mind a bit of lip, especially 4-0. Reminds me of early 2000's Brisbane team.
  12. I agree, Petracca to kick 6
  13. Dunno if I can listen to Dermie again. It's a real effort to be the worst commentator in the AFL but Dermie has been really putting in the big ones and he deserves his spot on top ?‍♂️
  14. So T-Mac and Weid fighting for same spot, who is dropped out of the weekends side for Brown?
  15. I agree this is the real dilemma. Brown in for McDonald seems likely but listen info to Gus n Gawny joke about the wingers club there is no McDonald. And then there Weideman. He and Jackson competing for the same spot. At this stage Weideman probably beings more as a foward but Jackson is improving each week and brings more in the ruck.
  16. Sorry I meant just in general not necessarily next week
  17. I don't see the news the mess with a winning formula an neither will the coaches. Consistency is key. We will have our injuries, there are senior players on the fringe that will certainly play a role this year. As long as players like Sparrow, Jones, Jordan, Jetta and even McDonald understand and execute their roles we will continue to win. 22 players can't all get 3 votes each week. Brown in for McDonald is about the only unforced change I can foresee and even then, wouldn't it send a message to make even him earn his spot. We scored 80, 90 and 100 points so the foward line is starting to gel. The team just looks so balanced, they have size when they need size, they have speed when the need speed, they have rotations that are working perfectly. Of course we are only one loss away from it being an unmitigated disaster, only known cure for MFCSS is in the form of silverware...
  18. Actually when you think about it you have Brown and Weideman locked on the fowardline. Then May, Lever, Tomlinson, Jetta, Hunt, Salem and Rivers locked in the backline (including a bench rotation) Nearly every other player can play all over the place at any given time. Apart from Langdon locked on a wing. I've said it before, and I don't agree with it but I just don't see where Brayshaw fits, which is criminal in my opinion. If Jordon and Sparrow are getting center bounces ahead of him he's in trouble.
  19. Brown and Weid the only 2 "foward only" players on there to be fair. T-Mac and Jackson can pair up and play anywhere in the middle or front of the ground. Fritsch and Melksham similar. Rotate Kossie and Petracca out of there add Spargo buzzing around and Jones/Viney rotating in and out and it's mayhem. Imagine the miss matches You could have Brown, Weid, T-Mac Fritsch Melksham Jackson start in the foward line at a center bounce with Spargo, Kozzie, Jones and Viney in the centre and wings then next bounce T-Mac and Jackson and Melksham are up the ground with Petracca, Kozzie and Spargo have gone deep. And any combination you can think of
  20. Love this post. Glad it's first reply. I think that's the difference between a team of down hill skier's and a real finals team, especially from a coaching perspective. "We should win this" attitude means you are rating your own performance, looking forward to potential threats. Bad signs. Siniffing a wounded opponent and going in for the kill. Just playing each match on its merit. That's what finals teams do, I have never witnessed this Melbourne team do that. So we'll put.
  21. We know T-Mac was gearing up for a role on the wing. Once Brown and Weideman are back they are automatic inclusions and I can't see either of Jackson or McDonald making way... I hope the plan was to have His on the ball on Jordan/Harmes missing out on a game completely bit as those above have stated listening to the Gus n Gawny podcast that isn't the case... Which in my opinion is ridiculous.
  22. For God's sake put Brayshaw on the ball or trade him. It's hard to watch. I feel so sorry for the bloke
  23. I've been on the dreaded 4-6 week injury list with a herniated L4/L5 disc for the last month. MRI next week to give more info on surgery or not so not able to do much. Was going to attempt an pork roast on the rotisserie but just can't ?
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