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  1. I think Sparrow has a promising career in front of him, but seriously any list manager, including Taylor would jump at getting pick 5 for a player like Sparrow or a trade for Neale or Cerra. Midfielders are a dime a dozen,...
  2. Happy to take Tom being poor for four to five weeks given where we are in the season, if it means we win the big dance in another 2 games time. 👍
  3. I was listening to SEN (I think) and the comment was that this type of thing is a 6 week ban in the lower leagues, so the AFL needs to put a message out if they are serious about the fact that intentionally making contact with an umpire is an absolute no go. Agree with the previous comment from one of the people here that if it was one of the female umps, or imagine it happening to a junior is a lower league, there would be outrage. I would hope that the GWS are furious with Green internally, and TBH they should plead guilty and move on, that is their best chance of a 2 week fine. If they plead not guilty here I reckon the tribunal will go harder. Green chose to walk and talk to Stevic at the break and was fired up, there is absolutely no way that encounter was anything other than intentional regardless of the contact. I love Green as a footballer, and I honestly think without him, GWS are going to struggle against Geelong, but thats no excuse for what he did, and he's cost his team a great shot at getting through to a prelim I reckon.
  4. I thought I heard that both games sold out in minutes... but I have also heard that Tassie is one of the only states with no Anti-scalping legislation in place, and that scalpers may have bought up pretty quickly too :/ The Swans have a healthy following in Tassie, I think more from those who were South Melb supporters of old....
  5. Totally agree with the top 3, and TBH, we have a chance of maybe 4 players in All Australian team this year, combine that with 4 players in the under 22 team, and potentially a rising star winner, a brownlow, a premiership, coaches award, coach of the year... not bad for a team that has constantly been saying since the pre-season that they play for each other, rather than the accolades. Awesome!!!
  6. Only 3 Colin? Curious who they are, Clarry, Tracc and?? Lever? May? Gawn? (with Jackson, Kozzie and a couple of others coming up fast) ahhh the age old Champion v Elite v A Grade discussion! :D
  7. Obscure stats? exactly where did I say anything about stats sorry? It's you that is basing facts apparently off a single game's stats of a 6 touch game. My point is that stats aren't everything! On the body of work for the team, Brayshaw is playing as a the defensive wingman and it's a clearly defined and selfless role that he has taken on. It's not a sexy role for sure, and I'm not even saying Brayshaw has had the best season of his life, but he's played a team role most weeks that has allowed others in the team to shine.
  8. yep... its a clear flaw, I mean look at where we are on the ladder 🙄
  9. He's playing a selfless role and playing as the defensive winger, if he had failed, in the season that we have had, and with the lack of injuries our side has had then why would Goodwin and match committee done something about it? Because he is playing his role for the team, and does it well. Do you know who plays on the other wing to Andrew Gaff? I don't... In fact the only team where I know both wingers is Brisbane where they have McCluggage and Robinson, and thats really only cos Robbo is a bit of a nutter. Most clubs dont play 2 dominant wingmen.
  10. Got a few friends who are Sydney supporters, I don't think they feel that their side is all that settled at the moment, losing Blakey, but they reckon Hickey's knee is holding together with floss at the moment. GWS and Essendon's formlines aren't any worse than the top6 teams... it's a pretty open race. I do like that our side is settled though.
  11. If Port and Brisbane are granted a home final, they are not required to travel, better recovery, not to mention the SIGNIFICANT boosts from home support, umpire biases that inevitably occur. Explain how as the minor premier Melb or Geelong get ANY of that playing in front of Brisbane, West Coast, Adelaide or Tassie Crowds.... ? The AFL is doing this not for the spectacle, it's convenient to say that they are, but they are doing it for the cash. The dees haven't been minor premier or premier for 57 years! I've never seen it in my lifetime. So yeah screw TV crowds!! I would prefer our team to get any advantage it's entitled to. If that is not afforded to the minor premier, if we are lucky to claim that then none of the teams in finals should receive a home state advantage. Top 4 teams go into hubs in a neutral venue and same with the bottom 4 teams.
  12. Vic teams & Sydney being 'forced' to play at Neutral venues, yet Port & Brisbane might not be required to... I get some of the reasoning, but from an equity perspective how is that fair if we end up top of the ladder, and Port finish second, yet we are disadvantaged.... Similar for Sydney if they win and Brisbane lose.... are Brisbane getting a home final and Sydney forced to play elsewhere?
  13. Not being selfish at all ;) But I think the Dees tend to play Blundstone pretty well. Not sure if Port has played down in Tassie before, but in terms of fly in and fly out it works better than WA or Brisbane. Only problem is our Premier is pretty trigger happy on cancelling AFL matches, and he's grumpy with Gil atm
  14. because with a fit list and the team pushing for the premiership, we should play the strongest team we can put on the field. Jones got 36 possessions and a goal this week, and from Goodwin's mouth last night he has indicated that Jones is very close to playing as is evident by him being the sub this week. Upside is basically saying Sparrow has more potential than Jones, and he probably will in coming years,
  15. Based off Goody's presser last night and the way Jones has played today, I would imagine there is a chance we'll see Jones back this week as well. Kozzie hasn't been bad, but he has not been clean, and not getting a tackle for the game, when he's one of the leading tacklers in I50 for the comp, might be worth just freshening him up for a spell. In: Jones (from sub), BBB Out: Sparrow, Kozzie (as sub) Sparrow hasn't done a lot wrong either TBH
  16. Aren't there different rules for first year players? I thought by default they get 2 years and can extend the initial contract to a third year which is what would have occurred for Jackson in this case. I might be wrong, but certainly don't see it as a worry.
  17. I didn't think home sides got the gate keepings from finals, I think they go to the AFL, I suspect some goes back to the clubs involved, but don't know how that is distributed.
  18. Salem for Jetta the obvious one if Salem is fit. If Viney is fit, he'll come straight back into the team, and not via the VFL. But I can't see Melksham being the player dropped for his return. Harmes & Jordon play the role that Viney would normally play. I'm not disagreeing with those saying that we seem to struggle with the extra tall in the forward line,... TMac, Fritsch and Jackson/Gawn with Spargo, Pickett, Melk and ANB seems to work better for us than the extra tall at the moment, but it's also a forward line that the dogs would be able to manage easier with their defence. You hear Gawn, Petracca and Goody talk about the side playing a more selfless game, but that doesn't seem to be the case with Weid & BBB, which you can kinda understand given that their position in the side is less assured. Our talls are not spreading in the forward line and they are going for the same marks and spoiling each other.
  19. I watched that game, I think that was more indicative of the doggies not switching on till late. The key difference between us and the doggies is obviously our defensive lines, the doggies couldn't really handle McKay, we have more options. we are much better defensively than the blues, and I don't think McKay will get the freedom that he got last week.
  20. Expecting to get a good win 40+, but we need to get a good start against the Blues, feel we've been a little slow in recent weeks with our starts. For a team that is 8-0 we have done enough to win most games, but only really had one convincing win (scorewise) given that the hawks were right with us for 3 quarters
  21. Lets not forget that Max is still the premier ruck in the comp and should largely ruck all day against Pittonet? LJ has been a luxury than many clubs don't have where putting him into the ruck doesn't actually weaken our clearance power, and in some ways given his skills at ground level often actually enhances it. Also LJ coming into the ruck allows Max to go forward or back as to fill a whole or to create a mismatch given his size & marking strength, something that LJ hasn't got just yet due to age. Am thinking there will be minimal changes again this week, and excited to see Weid come in as the logical replacement for LJ. Doubt there will be any other changes. Our defence has conceded the least amount of points this year, I think the most any side has kicked against us is 73 points (Nth and the Saints) Carlton can score big, but they leak big points as well, I think they will struggle against us this week and our structure. I am actually for the first time this year expecting a win, and a good one at that, I think we can cover Harry McKay with our talls, Hibberd and or Rivers should be able to cover Betts, and whilst Weitering and Jones are solid defenders their structures down back are horrible, and we are playing 3 talls with Fritsch as a 4th marking option as well. Possibly have Harmes play a defensive game on Walsh perhaps and we should be seeing an 8 goal or more win.
  22. MFCSS Melbourne Football Club Supporter Syndrome. Just on the players and their 'scarring' from losing so much over their careers, ... Dustin Martin started his career losing a lot of games, he has had a similar experience to Brayshaw, Oliver and Petracca, the team did change and turn it around. I'd also argue that players like Jones and co who have a lot of games in the L column are 'enjoying' the winning feeling even more and as such now have a taste, and the team itself knows what it takes, how to respond, I think losing those games has built resilience into the team ... but that is only evident when you start winning. Look at the kangas, they have no idea how to win as a group, but when they snag one, they'll understand why it was a different performance to a losing one.
  23. TMac also has to be considered in this, he probably feels he could give another 2 good years at AFL level at another club, why would he be content playing in the reserves as a back up.
  24. then we get good currency for a trade rather than getting nothing
  25. He must have found what he was looking for though.... wasn't the last shop a butcher ?
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