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  1. Welcome to Skanky Town, everyone and anyone: 148055
  2. Gee, I didn't realize his surname has been added to the censored list...
  3. Someone just email the herald-sun.. They love quasi-news stories, and will bring attention to this strange situation. If WE can track these people down, they'll have [censored] grabs in an article before print tomorrow morning.
  4. He must be asleep, because he was up very late and the posts aren't disappearing. For a pretty good timeline, read the deleted threads - they still exist on the site. All you have to do is open the top thread, then press "next thread", instead of going back to the top of the board. Everything is still there. It has a bit of a horror movie-like feel... Join us..... PS, kudos to KD for fighting the good fight..
  5. Chopper. Is this really happening? Looking at Ology it's so surreal.... I have rarely posted there (or here) for some time now, but I still read both sites every day, and I spent a crap-load of time on Demonology over the years. Compiling archive threads for images and articles, cut videos for the site (which were never used - copyright issues), made the site's avatars, even the little "M" graphic on the web address bar, among other stuff... So, obviously, to see the site as it is now is heartbreaking... Surely something can be done? We have names/email etc. What about getting the police involved? Someone who is supposedly so active with the club must be known by people.. Who the hell is he? He shouldn't be too hard to find, it's not as if he's a John Smith. Burn this little mo-fo...
  6. McKenzie? I'd put Howe in there for sure before Jordie.... Come on!! Also Watts, Sylvia, Dawes - MAYBE Toumpas... Again... Come on!! HOWE!
  7. Brisbane's Chairman has said that they will announce the new coach next week...
  8. I think the issue is more: What he had to do (sell) to fix the state, and, His past history as board member of the MFC.
  9. Anyone else a little concerned by this possibility? Stockdale interested in Demons presidency What'll this end up costing us? Selling more home games? Worse? A few years (or more) in Cairns? NT matches till... whenever? Tassie Demons maybe?? The AFL running the club is bad (and to me, worrisome) enough. This one adds to the wrong, IMHO... (I'd recommend reading Bluey's posts on Demonology) [AS POSTED ON DEMONOLOGY]
  10. Balls. Screw the banner. This is a player that could potentially top Neitz's 306. Easily our best player for years. Where are the Nathan Jones stories? Is this just a keep Colin campaign week? I think this is a shameful oversight.
  11. Anyone else noticed the MFC's coverage of Sylvia's 150? Have they forgotten that Nathan Jones is also reaching that milestone this weekend? No mention on the website thus far... Certainly no articles, or Jones-related features/stories - correct me if I'm wrong. The MFC'S website is awash with Sylvia stories and timelines, etc - where are the stories and plaudits for who is, undoubtably, the greatest clubman, and, yes, player, for the Melbourne Football Club at this point in our history? Just seems more than a little strange and unfair... Is it just me? P.S. - Demonologists, excuse the cut-and-paste...
  12. Although it looks fantastic, I think at this point Viney in the middle is a bit early (and a slap in the face to some of the others, imho). Swap Jack with Jones, then oppose Viney with Howe, add Dawes to oppose Mitch, and you've got gold. Just my couple of coppers...
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